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Best beach in Belize???

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by meanjean, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. meanjean

    meanjean Guest

    Does anyone have a favorite beach in Belize? We'd like to go to a clean, semi-secluded beach in Belize if there is one. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. As far as I could tell there is no such thing, but maybe someone else will have an idea for you.

  3. We went to Belize last year and I'm sorry to say we were not impressed. We had to be shuttled in from the cruise ship and the area you disembarked at was depressing and dirty. We took a tour ride around the island and we asked the driver where the beaches were and he said there were nonein this area. We found out later that to see a beach like you see on TV you had to sign up for one of the tours on board beforehand. If you did, then you were shuttled to some other islands in the area,they were like an hour trip there and back. They had a tour you could sign up for that went to a rain forest and then you went tubing thru a stream and caves and I think you ended up on a beach and had lunch. This was last year, maybe some things have changed since then.
  4. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

    Belize is not the place for beaches. Its more of a jungle adventure, "Indiana Jones" type of place. Cave tubing, Mayan Ruins etc and exotic animals.

    Visit Belize Cruise Excursions and check out the photos. You'll see what I mean. We LOVED the cave tubing with X-Stream, we booked it on the site provided.
  5. meanjean

    meanjean Guest

    My mother does not swim. Would she enjoy the tubing? She's not opposed to sitting on the tube if the water is not deep.
  6. LLZ

    LLZ Guest

    We did Shark and Ray Alley with a beach lunch. The beach was on San Pedro, Belize. That was HEAVEN in the sand!!! We wandered around after lunch and found Ramone's Village Resort (www. ramone'sresort.com , I think). I WILL go back there for a quiet beach vacation!! They had an attentive staff, a great bar (The Purple Parrot), a dive shop, a GREAT gift shop, a nice resteraunt - indoor outdoor with cloth napkins, a fresh water pool, and an excellent ambiance. It was small, but perfect for us. The stingray's were cool, the lunch was great, but the afternoon at Ramone's was DELIGHTFUL!!!

    Family Cruisers for Life
  7. Skysmama

    Skysmama Guest

    We did the Shark Ray Alley & Town Sightseeing this past Jan. We fell in love with San Pedro. We only had a few hours to explore before it started pouring rain.My husband and I definitely want to go back and spend more time there. After reading your post, I looked up Ramon's Village Resort (www.ramons.com) and it looks perfect! Thanks for the info!
  8. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

    meanjean she might enjoy it. There is a 40 minute walk first and then you get into the tubes and ride down the river. You can have a life vest if you want in addition to your tub so even if she's not a big swimmer she should be fine.

    Its a great trip and you need to try it at least once:)
  9. meanjean

    meanjean Guest

    Too late. I just booked the Goff Beach/snorkeling tour for Belize---not thru NCL. They only take up to 30 people per day and the beach looks really nice. In fact, it's a deserted island, I believe. I'll let yas know when we get back. We leave THIS Sat on the Wind.
    My mom said she did not want to go tubing thru the cave, but would go if my sisters would. They both opted out of the tubing and wanted to stay on the ship, but I convinced them to spend $40pp for the beach/snorkeling tour. I hope they're not disappointed.
  10. For us, Belize was the third out of four straight ports. We chose to stay on the ship. We had the ship basically to ourselves. The restaurants and pools were still open, and since we were anchored we were still far enough out at sea that the views were great!
  11. pcanning77

    pcanning77 Guest

    We are going the last week of April and are planning to visit Caye Caulker on our own via water taxi.

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