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Best caribbean cruise for 20-somethings

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by blake, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. blake

    blake Guest

    I am planning my first cruise. I have decided to go with Carnival as they seem to have the most activities and laid-back , fun astmosphere for adult couple.

    My timeline is limited - I have to leave in mid-February and would like to go on a 7-day cruise. My choices are limited by this timeline to:
    West Caribbean: Carnival Glory, Carnival Victory, Carnival Conquest
    East Caribbean: Carnival Valor, Carnival Triumph

    Some quesstions:

    1. For a young 20-something aged couple, what cruise line would offer the best entertainment, nightlife (discos/bars, shows), and ports with adventure-type excursions (best catamaran, island adventure, 4x4, snorkelling)? I am leaning towards the East Caribbean as I have been to Cazumel, Mexico already (most of the West boats dock there a day),and Montego Bay seems to be criticized for many beggars etc. The East ports of St.Maartan, San Juan, and St.Thomas seem to have good Carnival-excursions. offered. How would the Carnival Triumph fit my preferences -- there have been some bad reviewes which worry be. How about the Carnival Valor - no reviews yet??

    2. Being a newbie who gets car-sick at times, which room location would be the most stable? Lower decks vs upper? Front vs middle vs rear? I will bring Gravol or Bonamine antinauseants

    3. Is there a charge for non-alcooholic drinks with meals or buffets?

  2. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    The best room to get is mid-ship and the lower you are the less motion you'll feel.
    I was on the Triumph in 2001 and LOVED that ship. You should be happy with this choice. Also, I know a few folks who just got off the Valor and really enjoyed it. email me with any specific questions about Carnival. We have sailed them 3 times and have just booked the Valor for Sept. (kmvgrv@aol.com)
  3. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I also LOVED the Triumph as did my DB. (I'm 32 and he's 26). The ship is really well laid out and the public rooms are awesome. We did the Western Caribbean route while on the Triumph, but I've also done the Eastern itinerary (on a different ship) and they're both great. I think you've made a good choice with Carnival...DB has sailed both Carnival and RCCl and he prefers Carnival because he says that there are more activities geared toward people our ages.

    I posted a review for the Triumph last year, our sail date was 9/6/04 or thereabouts.

    You definitely want to get a cabin midship, from lower to middle if you're prone to seasickness. You also might want to start taking Bonine or something the day before....there are lots of suggestions for motion sickness on the board.

    There is always a charge for nonalcoholic drinks, with the exception of the Captain's cocktail party. It's on the formal night, and there will be bar stewards coming around with drinks on their trays that are free. Other than that, there's always a charge.

    You're welcome to email me directly with questions too!
  4. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Non alcohilc drinks are iced tea/lemonade/fruitpunch in the buffet. or iced tea and choc milk/white milk in the dining room.
  5. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    I think Serene56 meant to put the word "Free" in front of that sentence. That is the experience we've had on our last few Carnival cruises. Carbonated drinks are a charged item. If you drink a lot of them, buying the drink card may be worth your consideration.

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