Best cruise in Alaska ??



Please help me with a couple of questions in planning a first Alaskan cruise.
1. I've read about one way trips. Is this the best way to see the most? What's the best city to start in and finish in?
2. What are considered the best ports in Alaska? We like scenery, history, culture, etc. 3. Which ship stops at the best ports for the longest time.

Thanks for any advice

Kay C

My husband and I have cruised to Alaska the last five years. Our first cruise was a roundtrip from Vancouver, 2 southbound and 2 northbound. We prefer the southbound because we don't have extra time to stay a day over from the cruise, and when you leave from Anchorage, you usually leave at 10 pm and fly the redeye. We are extremely tired when we get home. For us, it is just better to come home from Vancouver. All the larger cruise shops visits Skagway, Ketchikan, & Juneau. Smaller ships will go to other ports, plus some of the ones I mentioned. As far as time in ports, you have to check with the cruise line and see their schedules for the lenght of time in port.