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Best Prices On Carnival Conquest for Oct/Nov 03

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Shangrilq, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    I would be interested in knowing the best prices you are seeing for the "Conquest" during Oct or early Nov. The best I am seeing right now with port charges is $549. Actually, Carnival has is it listed for that on their website if you are a past carnival guest. If you are seeing this for less than the mentioned during this season I would be interested in know what you are seeing it for and also where??

  2. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    Folks, I am waiting patiently for your response??
  3. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    What dates are you looking at, Sara?
  4. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    ....and what kind of cabin....? Travelocity shows the following prices:

    Date Inside Outside Balcony

    8/3 $1099 $1249 $1499
    8/10 $949 $1049 $1299
    8/17 $749 $899 $1049
    8/24 $629 $849 $999
    8/31 $549 $749 $899

    They have even better prices on the 9/14 sailing.

    If you've sailed with them before, you might want to try Carnival directly. I just booked with them and they gave me a better price than I could find anywhere on the internet because of their "past cruiser" program.

    Good luck!
  5. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    lizard is correct. If you can wait till 9/14, you can go for just a few bucks over $500pp. This is, however, for a 1A cabin (bunkbeds)...
  6. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    We are looking for an inside room or? and don't care what deck it is on. We are very flexible and can go anytime during Oct or first of Nov. We really do NOT want to travel again in Sept as we got stuck in the middle of the "Hurricane LILI" thing last year on the "Holiday" and that is more adventure than this old gal needs.LOL!

    So, if you call Carnival do you get a better price than what they have on their website??We are past cruisers even though we have never gotten a past guest number or the "Currents" magazine. We are also AARP. Carnival has this thing if you book before June 30th you can pay for inside and get an outside.etc so does any one know if this is available on the "Conquest" or is it just certain ships??Will Carnival give me a quote via email???Cruisequick.com gave me a price of $1,250 for 2 outside cabins but this is more than Carnival??
  7. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    Hi Sara!
    You're chancing it weatherwise, during the fall months (Sept, Oct, Nov)... It's all luck of the draw. Any good TA should be able to give you a price better than Carnival... Check around, or email me for more info...
  8. YoRay

    YoRay Guest

    Yo! Sara,

    Pricing at buycruises:
    Oct 26th looks nice $

    Cruise Search Results


    ctober 5 579.00 USD
    October 12 579.00 USD
    October 19 440.00 USD
    October 26 410.00 USD
    November 2 549.00 USD
    November 9 579.00 USD
    November 16 549.00 USD
    November 23 649.00 USD
    November 30 549.00 USD

    (I suppose SkyAuction is out of the question, hey?) (lol)
  9. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest


    I have never been given a past guest number or the Currents magazine either.....your past booking number is your past guest number, apparently....which I didn't have either, but they looked it up for me. I was able to get a better price through them directly then I could find on the web......

    You may want to try Lunyma's advice and try a TA.....there are some being recommended by the folks on this board who seem to be miracle workers!! They may have access to the same prices for 'past guests' too...!! According to YoRay's post above, 10/26 looks like a great deal!

    Keep us posted!!
  10. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    "Hi Sara!
    You're chancing it weatherwise, during the fall months (Sept, Oct, Nov)... "

    Yeah but definitely the worse is Sept and I don't want to go there again. A certain person on this board just loved it but this lady is just too old for people wearing their "life jackets".etc.etc.

    Yoray, NO we do NOT want to talk about "Sky Auction". Actually, I had two people email me about comments I made on another cruise board a long time ago?
  11. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    Calling Yoray!

    Where did you get those prices? I went on their website today and the 10/12 and 10/26 were the least expensive at $549. When I checked further I found out that it is the bunk bed thing! The best price I have got so far is www.icruise.com with ALL taxes at $575 per person for Oct 12 or 26th.This was 4a and since Carnival has the buy inside and get outside upgrade and I have their credit card and will get double points for booking, it looks like that is going to be my best bet. Anyone, had any bad dealings with icruise.com please speak up now!

  12. scliq

    scliq Guest

    I do not have all that much experience with Carnival yet but I do know I spent alot of time researching our price and decided to call them and got a price 50.00 lower then my best online price. So you can call & see their price before booking anywhere.

    Take Care,
  13. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    SkyAuction has the prices starting at $ 395.00 for the weeks in Oct. I have used them in the past, and IMHO...... They are GRRRREAT if you don't wait until the last minute ~~!!~~ LOL

    But $ 410.00 is not that bad for Oct. 26. The last time I used buycruises they gave me a free upgrade from their lowest price inside to an oceanview, or for just $ 100.00 more, a balcony.

    Now that you have learned to walk side ways {from Lili}, why don't you save the money and take another "Carnival Ride" ???? during hurricane season ?
  14. YoRay

    YoRay Guest

    Yo! Sara,

    I know what you mean. I copied & pasted those prices on saturday. On sunday they were raised. I should have booked it for you when they were low...huh? Hey, yesterday on cruisecritters, I got whacked 4 times. Ouch!
  15. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    cruisecritters? whacked? I guess I need to learn the lingo! :grin
  16. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    "Hey, yesterday on cruisecritters, I got whacked 4 times. Ouch!"

    What is cruisecritters???Sounds like mean people???

    Thanks Yoray for trying to help. You know things happen so fast as I went to Southwest and I had a little code to get 15% off for bookings until June 29th and traveling thru Oct 24th. Obviously, they had a really great thing going and I got a $300 price on Southwest from Nashville to Las Vegas for two people. What a BARGAIN!. Decided to think about it and consult with hubby. Went on the next day to book it and the same dang fare is now just a bit under $600!!Geez, I will forget consulting with anyone and just book it next time when I see a fare like that! LOL!
  17. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    WOW! I am shocked! I called buycruises.com today and they quoted me a price for Conquest Oct 12 of $630 per person which is more than they have it for on their website??

    Crucon.com quoted $651 again more than stated on their website.

    Carnival quoted $682 and I reminded her that I could get him as a past cruiser for $549??

    icruise.com on the phone quoted me $760 at first until I reminded her of the pay for an inside and get an outside if booked by the end of this month. She didn't seen to know much about that but checked with some one and came back and gave me a price of $631.I told her I could get it online for $575 including all taxes. Whoops, she was NOT a happy camper and suggested that I should book it online then.(she was nice about it though)

    What really surprised me was not one of these agents mentioned the Carnival buy an inside and get FREE upgrade to outside,outside to balcony.etc???I would think this would be a MAJOR thing and that all agents would be well acquainted with it and push it to the limit??

    HIGH hotel prices in New Orleans also during Oct. I gather that must be a BIG convention month?? I may have to rethink this Sept thing?
  18. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Well, you can come with me on the Triumph 9/6! We got three people in a balcony for under $1600!

    Good luck.....I hope you find what you're looking for!!
  19. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    So lizardstew where does the Triumph leave from? Miami is totallly out of the question as it is way too much money for airfare! Other info appreciated and I shall just leave hubby behind and go for it?>LOL!
  20. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest


    It does leave out of Miami, but we're planning on flying into Fort Lauderdale, which is apparently only abuut 20 miles away....!! I have been watching the Miami airfares hoping they'll go down, but no luck so far...!

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