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Best Prices On Carnival Conquest for Oct/Nov 03

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Shangrilq, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. flgatorfans

    flgatorfans Guest

    Check out the Skyauction website. I think there is an auction for those dates ending today. Sometimes you can get really cheap prices through the auction. We paid $315 a person incl port charges & taxes for a 4A on the Sensation last year through this website.
    Good luck!
  2. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    Yeah, but I am going to tell you Sky Auction has been a NIGHTMARE for me and I know others that have done well with them but if anything goes wrong they have NO customer service at all and once you pay they don't want to fool with you?It will be a LONG time before I can deal with them again if ever!!
  3. Ask Lunyma (Pam)..........She has the best sources for great prices!!!
    Just ask Skippy!!
  4. sthompson

    sthompson Guest

    I just found a website www.topsailcruises.com and these prices are the best I have found and i have done alot of research finding my cruise! hope this can help
  5. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    I did get a quote from Lunyma and it did NOT compare to the $575 including taxes I got from icruise.com. This is still the best price I have gotten even though when I called them the gave me a much higher price??Go figure?
  6. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    Check out Icruise again. Their prices went up as well.
  7. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    I just went to Icruise and it is still there?? $575 including all taxes,port and their fee??Don't think I am going to do any better than that unless I get real brave and try "Sky Auction" again and I am just not sure about doing that??
  8. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    Check again. I just went to icruise and on the 12th and 26th, a Cat 4A comes out to $631.10 plus $14 shipping and handling, with no insurance. Go through the whole booking process to see the full pricing.
  9. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    I forgot to mention... If you look up the same cruise at www.cruisesinc.com/plome, and go through the booking process, you will get a lower price...
  10. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    I see what you are looking at but I am looking at an INSIDE guarantee which with ALL taxes and fees is $575 per person including their fee.Just checked and it is still there. I will go back to that website and check it out again!

  11. rsidoti

    rsidoti Guest

    My wife and I just booked through our travel agent for the Ocyober 12th sailing and received a past guest price of $834 including tax and port charge for a cat 8E balcony. I can get you her name and number if you are interested.

  12. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    Yeah sure Bob you can email me that info.

  13. YoRay

    YoRay Guest

    Yo! Sara,

    I ran Sue Thompson's "Topsailcruises"(above) for you from 10/05 thru 11/09.
    Their best price is $535 for inside twins, and comes to $568 with fees.

    Gonna do it?

  14. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    I never heard of topsailcruises, but if Ray is correct, then you should go for it. That's a good price.
  15. rsidoti

    rsidoti Guest

    I'd be happy to get you the information Sara. What is your e-mail address?

  16. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest


    I booked my cruise on the Conquest for Sept 28th at www.bestpricecruises.com and couldn't be happier! They are rated well with the BBB online and whatnot and got a great deal from them.. course, now their prices have DROPPED again and I'mm thinking of calling them to see what I can't do about getting compensation or something. Dunno if it'll happen but the worst they can say is no, right?

    For a cat 8D, Lido Balcony stateroom, it's like 1705.00 for 2 people or something like that. I think it's around 470 pp before fees for an inside room. But check them out!

  17. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    "Gonna do it?"

    I did it and NO I am NOT going to tell you how I got it for $500 total all fees per person!
    WOW! I am one happy camper for now anyway!! Going on 10/5/03 or 10/12/03 don't know exactly which just yet but either is fine with me!!
  18. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    Well, we shall see if Yoray can figure this one out?? So now I think you and your wife and Joebat1 and Paula and anyone else that wants to should join us??
  19. YoRay

    YoRay Guest

    Yo! Sara!

    That's a good price you got. I haven't seen any better since buycruises raised their rates. Care to tell us where you got it?

    Thanks for the invite, but we can't cruise this fall. I'm working on a BIG plan for next winter, and if it comes to fruition, I'll be smiling from January till April.

    I give up.....where'd you book your cruise?

  20. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    "That's a good price you got. I haven't seen any better since buycruises raised their rates. Care to tell us where you got it?"

    You know everything so you are supposed to tell me right??Guess boy and I will tell you if you are right! Happy,Happy camper so far?

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