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Best suggestions for handling disembarking???

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by GloBug, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    I have a pretty good idea how this works. We are driving to/from the port, and as first timers, I am sure we will have the "privlege" of disembarking pretty much last. I understand they give us cards the night before, we put our big suitcases, zip locked shut, outside the door the night before (a change of clothes in our carry on!), and then they expect you out of the cabin at 8 (?) and in a waiting area for THREE HOURS?

    What would you experienced seasoned addicts suggest? Can't I wait somewhere I can relax and enjoy the ship still? Or does my time as a valued passenger expire at 8am? (if I bribe my steward, can I wait in the cabin, or do they haul you out at 8?)
  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Bribing the cabin steward won't do any good, they are the ones that want you out of the cabin so that they can get it ready for the next group of cruisers.

    And yes with you driving down, you'll be the last group called to leave the ship. You can always grab a deck chair on the pool deck or sit in one of the lounges. The Schooner Bar was always a good place to wait it out along with the card room and the library.
  3. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Great, so we don't have to wait in a specialized waiting area? Ok, Library sounds real good... Thanks, Ali...

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  4. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Glo RCI has started this new thing at least here in Florida for passengers who carry their own luggage off the ship. Not fully sure how it works but I've heard that you must carry the luggage not wheel it. I'm sure that would also make you more suseptible to customs but I can't imagine it would imped your leaving too much.

    If I can get more info I'll post it here. Why not try the main board, maybe someone there can help since I haven't cruised in 6 months.
  5. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You can go about the ship as you like, you don't have to wait in a certain holding area. You can go up to the pool area or to the buffet etc.
  6. njcruiser

    njcruiser Guest

    after 8 am you turn into a pumpkin. The staff is occupied,the pursers desk is brimming with people with issues and you want to go home.The ship is basically closed and switching over for the next group. There is nothing glamorous about sitting around waiting to get off, dull and boring would be a better description of it.
  7. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Hi GloBug,

    Debarkation is not really as bad as you may have heard. The cruise lines know it is not a popular activity and have made a big effort to make it as painless as possible. Carnival recently introduced an early debarkation for those that roll or carry thier luggage off the ship. The Monarch makes the turnaround twice a week, and they are very well organized. You will not be the last off the ship. We also drive to San Pedro and are usually off the ship by nine oclock or a little later. When you leave your cabin you can take your carry on with you to the Windjammer and have breakfast. Take your time and go out by the pool to watch the debarkation, which will usually begins around eight. The parking area is just across the street from the baggage area and you are on your way. Parking is $11/ day and you will need cash. Have a great cruise.

  8. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Petert, thanks for the addl info. Actually, we are driving to San Pedro, and spending the nite at the Sunrise, and they are storing our car and taking us to the pier and picking us up. I don't know what time they will pick us up, but I am sure this isn't the first time they have done this, so I'm not worried about that. Just thought from everything I had read, that we would take 3 hours to get off the ship.
  9. ironman417

    ironman417 Guest

    Disembarking from the ship is just one of the parts of cruising. Don't worry about it, just enjoy it the best you can. Find a comfortable place to sit. Talk to other passengers about how they enjoyed the cruise and start planning your next one.
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    BEST suggestion yet, IronMan... might be a good time to hit hubby up for that Alaskan cruise... for our 20th anny... yeah, there we go!
  11. kawboy

    kawboy Guest


    We were on the Monarch in May in a junior suite. I think I read you are in a junior suite. Suites are in the first groups to disembark. We were in the 4th group called. As we were leaving the lines were just starting to form. The longest lines will be at immigration/customs. They call the groups faster than they can process them so there will be lines.

    The ship cleared immigration/customs by 7:35. They started calling groups about 5 minutes later. Our group was called at 7:50. We were off the ship, cleared immigration/customs and had our bags in our vehicle by 8:15.

    Our gathering point was the Circuit lounge on Deck 8 aft. There are elevators right by the entrance. The elevator only goes to deck 5, from there you have to go through Schooner's and down the stairs in the Centrum.

    The room stewards will be in the hallways about 7:00. I talked to our steward before we left to go to breakfast. I asked if we could leave our carry ons in the room while we went to breakfast. He said it was no problem. When we returned from breakfast, he had already been in the room and taken the sheets. They move pretty fast to turn around the ship.

    Best advise, pay attention to the announcements. All morning, they will be on the PA making announcements.

    Have fun.

  12. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Glo - In LA, the process is very simple. When they call the white tags (the first group to get off the ship), simply walk off too. No one ever checks the color of your tags and there's never been a problem doing this if you just let the first rush of people get by you first. This usually happens about 7:30 AM. Go find your luggage and walk out to either the taxis ($40 to LAX one way) or to your car or limo. We're always off by 7:55 and in our car driving away.

    If you want breakfast, go to the VERY back of the Horizon Court for the buffet ALWAYS. The food is hotter, fresher and it's much less crowded. I would be up there by 6:45 AM or so for a good table. Have fun!
  13. kuljey

    kuljey Guest

    we are driving to san pedro and staying with a relative who will pick us up after we disembark..

    we are in an oceanview room (if that matter) like room 2222 or something. when should he get us??? :)
  14. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Yvonne - It depends. If you wait until your color is called, I would GUESS around 10 AM. Your cabin is going to be VERY, VERY small - we had one right near that one, It's 122 square feet. It's the smallest cabin we've ever had and I'll never do that again! Just be prepared to be shocked.
  15. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    Glo Bug --

    Yada Yada Yada colors, leaving when called etc.

    Here's the least stressful way:

    Vacate your cabin around 8 am. Head up to windjammer for a lesiurely breakfast. Take a stroll around the deck. Sit in a deck chair & read for a bit. When all (or at least most) of the crazy people rushing to make early flights have left, collect your stuff & walk off the ship to your car.

    Enjoy your trip.
  16. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Sigh... now I'm a bit confused... buck the system, and just leave? Take advantage of being in a Jr. Suite, and leave really early? If in fact, Jr. Suites and other suites do get to get off early, then I may want to have breakfast, and just split, seeing as it would probably be after my color has been called?
  17. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    It depends on what's important to you. Are you really in a hurry to get off the ship? If yes, you can buck the system. If not, enjoy your breakfast, take one last walk around the ship and say goodbye to all your favorite places. Or relax on the promenade deck. That's our favorite spot to wait.

    Kawboy is right about asking your cabin steward if you can leave your carry-on in the room. We always have everything cleared up and packed and leave the bag there until after breakfast. We always tell the room steward, so that he doesn't think we've forgotten it. They never seem to mind.
  18. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Nope, we won't be in a hurry to get off. We are staying the night in San Pedro, and hitting the road early in the morning, so that sounds like the best bet....
  19. usher

    usher Guest

    RCCL keeps the bars open and your seacard activated. If you drink you know what to do! If not get a gang together and have some fun for the next few minutes, hours (depending on your tag color).

    Or if you are like us, find a cozy corner or seat & take a nap after being up until 2 am. If it's a nice day find a chair on the deck and take in some fresh air (depending on the port you're at). At Baltimore -this isn't a good idea!!
  20. recia

    recia Guest

    On the Explorer each room got a slip of paper to turn in to Guest Services saying what time your flight left. did not need to show proof. just say you have a 10:30 AM flight and you will probably get white tickets. If not, go to Guest Services and tell them you have an early flight and they will trade you for white tickets.

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