Best suggestions for handling disembarking???




By the time you finish your first cruise you will be "hooked" so do what we do while waiting to disembark......we roam the hallways and look and/or go into many cabins (The doors will be open as all the cabins are being cleaned for the next group) and we make note of which cabin we want for the next cruise! We have found some amazing differences in cabins doing also makes the time go by and you can share the info with all your new cruise-addict friends!

Enjoy your first of many!


Kathy, I LOVE this idea! You can bet I will. And since I am in a Jr. Suite, I think I'll just stay on my same floor, and go explore the larger suites!


This morning on the Monarch I believe they tried something different (this was our first cruise, so I have nothing to compare it to). They had us go through immigation on the ship, through the Circuit Lounge. We were grouped by luggage tag color. The first group had to go through immigration at 6:00 am. My group, the blue group, was told to be there at 6:30. We walked out of our cabin on deck 10 at 6:15, and stood in line, winding down two decks, for well over an hour. Just as we were approaching the Circuit lounge, they announced that anyone who had not gotten in line should wait. There apparently was a glitch.

Finally, we got through and went to breakfast at the Windjammer. They also announced that the Windjammer would stay open an hour longer than usual to accommodate everyone.

All of the public lounges and areas were open, and after breakfast we made ourselves comfortable in another lounge. Now here's my most "duhhhhhhh" moment of the trip: Our tag was blue. The fourth color they called was "dark blue." They kept calling "dark blue." We kept waiting for "blue." Yes, we had a junior suite and thought we could disembark early, but I had also heard that "locals" were the last group called. Finally, about 45 min. later, it seemed like all colors had been called, so I finally got off my big butt (made larger by the huge amounts of food I ate during the 4 days) and asked someone. Sure enough, "dark blue" and "blue" are one in the same. The good news: no one even checked our tag at that point; our luggage was easy to spot because only a handful of bags remained in our section; and we sprinted home in just over an hour because rush hour in downtown Los Angeles was well over. :) I hate waiting in lines and pushing and shoving, so after the initial immigration fiasco waiting (however unintentional) really did work out well. I still feel stupid, but live and learn...

Most definitely now a Cruise @ddict


I deliberately choose a late flight home, so that we could tour San Juan on the day we get back from the cruise. Now I'm wondering what can I do with our luggage during that day! Any suggestions?