Best time to go to Alaska



We have been on 2 cruises and both to the caribbean and now my hubby wants to go to Alaska. I am a sun person not a cold weather person but I guess its time to go where he wants. We have only been on Carnival ships and now want to try something different. So if anyone can tell us when, what ship and what else to do I would appreciate this.



My situation is just the reverse of yours; I've finally talked my husband into going on an Alaskan cruise next summer (after 30 cruises) and I'm very excited. He always said he didn't want to go any place where it was cold or it rained a lot on vacation, but I've finally talked him into Alaska. I always plan the cruises and then he usually just says, where are we going this time? I've been on Carnival, Princess, RCCL, NCL, Disney and the old Constitution that went to Hawaii. In my opinion, you really can't go wrong with the first three cruise lines I mentioned. NCL, I've had some problems with, so I really don't recommend them; although I've been on 5 or 6 cruises with them. We're booked on the new Island Princess for next summer and all of the Princess ships I've been on have been great; as well as all the RCCL ships I've been on. We took Carnival to Bermuda this summer and it was a new ship (Pride) and just loved it. The only times I've not had a good time on Carnival, was the two or three times we were on a older ship, and it was not a good cruise. Now, I just book the new ships. I know some people say the older ships have charm, etc.; but from my experience, the problems associated with cruising on an older ship just doesn't justify going on one. That's just my opinion. Do some research on the boards, like everyone does, and I'm sure you'll make a good decision.
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There is really no "right" time to go North on the coast. May /june less fog and 21st June is the longest day if you're into daylight. But the month of September can be fantastic also. Speaking with folks that just got off the Brillance the other day and their week was fantastic weather but for one day. Kids in the summer and hit and miss weather all the time......... You take's your chances. Good luck.

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We've done the inside passage 3 times all in August. For the most part the weather was great...even had sun in Ketchikan 2 out of 3 times! It can and will get cold at times. Especially when the wind hits you just right. But it's quite invigorating.

We also saw spawning salmon, Bald Eagles, dolphin, seals, Humpback, Orca.

We've sailed the Celebrity Mercury, NCL Sky, HAL Zaandam. All ships were great IMHO.

For a first timer I would suggest to choose a ship that visits Glacier Bay. It's spectacular. And since probably most cruises don't go there this would narrow down your choices. I know that Princess, HAL, and NCL visit Glacier bay. Not sure who else.

And if you're a pool type person you may want to find a ship with a covered pool. NCL Sky's pools were not covered. Celebrity Mercury had a smaller covered pool but the main pools weren't covered. Zaandam had the main pool covered and it was fresh water.


We had tons of rain last year the first week of July - I don't remember it not raining during that trip. Research indicates that May and June are the dryest months in Alaska.


We have been on 3 cruises to Alaska , twice in September and once in May. The only time we had rain and it was heavy was one day in Ketchikan, that was the May trip. We just wore our long rain coats and had a great time anyway! :)
We have taken North bound, South bound and Vancouver to Vancouver, all were enjoyable. In May there was more ice and snow to see where as In September we saw more waterfalls. Hope you enjoy your cruise :)

PS We have booked again for next May! :grin


Went September 20th, last cruise of that season. Nice weather everyday but one evening. They say rain is common, and it was true, some days were wet but nothing a heavy coat warranted. I didn't do any glacier walks though. I had gloves, hat, scarf and umbrella and never used any of it.


We live in Vancouver (and can see ships departing from our bedroom window - hard to take). Statistically speaking, our best weather is in August. That said, this is a rainforest, and anything can happen at any time. This year we had one of our best summers and saw very little rain right through September.