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Best Value???



Hi Mike,

Shop around. Using larger cruise only agencies tend to offer the best deals because they get special rates because of the volumn of business they do. Plus, the bigger agencies tend to have more group rates and offer amenities or special extras on the cruise.

Good Luck. If you need more information feel free to email me.


Mike P

Thanks for the info. Any ideas on "cruise only" agents? I'm wanting to book a cruise for my honeymoon in November and what the best deal I can find. This will be my second cruise, first one was a freebe.... Had a blast!

marcia haines

I found the best price through cruise 411, search for that name you will find it. they offer a discount which no one else does so their price was the cheapest. Trust me I have checked them all!! I did not take the insurance through them, but that be purchased through a company cheaper than buying w/ cruise. The insurance can be purchased up to 2 weeks prior to leaving. I have had to contact cruise 411 a couple of times with questions, they have been very helpful.

Any questions e-mail me



I use cruise club of america and have beat all the prices on Cruise411, crucon and others.


Hate to say it but I've gotten some of my best rates directly from the cruise lines. Try the web sites for Celebrity, NCL and Royal Caribbean then call them direct and don't be shy about asking for their absolute best price or to tell you about any upgrade programs they may have.

If you're in Canada you can also get some good prices due to reduced airfare using Air Canada vacations.


I have found great prices on cruisequick.com. You do have to know what you want for a cruise. They only communicate by E Mail. No phones.
I can say when I e mail them I usually have a response in fifteen minutes.