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<HTML>I had a previous thread topic earlier this week about where to go for booking my first cruise. Many reponses came back and I investigated them all. Most of them were great at pricing the cruise out, however I did run into a little disturbing attitude problem with Someone on this site warned me of those people quotng really low rates - "You get what you pay for" was a statement made - boy was that person right.

Please see an inserpt from an e-mail that went back and forth. (This was after we were confortable with the price and wanted to book) By the way - all e-mail were polite and nice up to this point.

I would like to speak with a live person to confirm everything. I can be
> reached at ***-***-****Mondays through Fridays 9:00 am - 5:00 Pm
> thank you

Their repsonse

CruiseQuick's reponse :
Sorry! We are 100% internet based. That's the way we keep our prices down.
To speak to real people you have to pay more. We suggest you contact a full
service agency.

I just think it was incrediably impersonal. My thoughts were - if they are like this when trying to aquire customers, what are they like when you become a customer?</HTML>


<HTML>New Cruiser,
We used Cruisequick for our recent NCL trip to Hawaii and had absolutely no problems. Their policy is stated up front that all contact is through the net (email). Of course, we also had concerns, however, every question from us was answered immediately by Ray via email.
If you are not comfortable with that set-up, please use an agency that is more to your liking-there are millions of them.
Ray was great to us and you do him a disservice by getting on a board voicing negative opinions. The service that he does not provide is clearly stated in black and white.
I surely don't mean to be nasty, but I think you are being negative for no reason.

P.S. Cruisequick saved us over a thousand dollars on the Hawaii cruise.

:norun :VA :C@</HTML>


<HTML>New Cruiser

I can certainly understand how this must have come across. That message is very short in tone. There are several TA's that frequent this board that you can actually talk to via phone.

Be sure to check out the "Links" area of this site you'll find them there.

Good Luck and Happy Sails!</HTML>


<HTML>New Cruiser
I can see why you were upset with a somewhat abrupt refusal in response to what seemed like a simple request. Try not to let it bother you and enjoy planning that cruise with someone that can give you the personal service that CruiseQuick isn't set up for.

It's easy to miss their policy statement on the Web page. Here is what they say:
"Is the correct agency for you?

According to CLIA only 12.3% of the U.S. population have ever taken a cruise. It is estimated that 3.12% of the U.S. population are "avid" cruisers.

Are you an avid cruiser? Have you researched the various cruise ships and determine the correct ship, date, itinerary, etc for your vacation. If the answer is yes, then is the place for you.

If you are not sure, then price might not be the single most important factor in determining what type of agency you use. Internet discount agencies and full service retail agencies offer a features that does not. Most internet agencies also have phone contacts and full service agencies allow you to sit in front of an agent. Both of these services offer suggestions...and they charge for these services. is not for everyone...only for the avid cruiser who knows what they want and they want the best price."

Good luck!</HTML>


<HTML>Your title is both misleading and inaccurate. is a legitimate on-line agency, which has saved me and many others considerable sums of money. Ray's responses are quick (he probably got back to you pronto!), his prices are among the best (he's not the lowest every time, but he's beaten the last four quotes I've received elsewhere), and the service is outstanding, albeit in a less personal format. Checking your reservations is easy: ask for your booking number (either from cruisequick or the carrier itself), log on to the cruiseline's website, and take it from there - piece of cake! You failed to take note of Ray's prominently-posted policy, and are now bad-mouthing the agency - not a nice thing to do. As a first-timer, you're probably better off with a live TA, or at least a firm that has the facilities for personal contact. I'd recommend,,, etc. has established a very reliable niche for those of us willing to do the legwork (or rather click-work). What you posted is not flattering - to either Ray or yourself.</HTML>


<HTML>If you would have chosen Lori Cunningham ,like lots of others have, you would have had great prices along with personal service.</HTML>


<HTML>who is this woman 'lori cunningham' ? i would like to email / talk with her regarding some cruising questions as i'm planning my 5th cruise for next december.

thanks & happy cruising</HTML>

Bob L

<HTML>Have had GREAT luck with However they are ONLY for the expert cruiser who knows what they want and are only concered with price and fast service thru the internet. Your message heading may be a bit misleading.
Bob in CT</HTML>


<HTML>Pam: If you look above the main page of this message board, you will see an ad for Skyscraper Tours, that is Lori Cunningham's agency.
I can tell you that she has had the best quotes for us and we search before we book, she also monitors prices and if there is a price decrease, she passes that along to her customers. We have personally booked our last two cruises with her and found that we prefer booking with a real person versus an email only agent.
You can contact her by email at or go to her site and get her toll free number.
You will receive very good prices from her and also personalized service which you will not find from an Online-Only agency.</HTML>


<HTML>First, let me say that I am against flamming and name calling...that stuff is better suited for other boards (and we all know which ones). However, I firmly believe what new cruiser has done here is completely ignorant and irresponsible. *CLEARLY* states on their web page that they are *Strictly* internet based with no opportunities to talk to a *live* person. does NOT deserve such blatant and FALSE criticism by such an immature ignorant *rookie* cruiser that obviously lacks the intelligence to read and *comprehend* what says UPFRONT on their home page...

"Internet discount agencies and full service retail agencies offer a features that does not. Most internet agencies also have phone contacts and full service agencies allow you to sit in front of an agent. Both of these services offer suggestions...and they charge for these services."

Read between the lines...INTERNET ONLY, NO PHONE

I apologize if this seems harsh, but anyone who purposely and maliciously tries to do harm to another deserves such treatment.</HTML>


<HTML>New Cruiser:
I agree that it is sometimes necessary to discuss certain things with a real person... I deal with the same person at one agency, and she gets prices equal to, or below, the others. I have, on occasion, wound up paying $10-$20 more, but like the personal service.
Cruisequick is very up front about their service! They let you know that they are e-mail ONLY, and they aim for the experienced-cruiser trade. I wouldn't use them, personally, but see nothing wrong with the way they run their business and feel they have a place in the market.
Until you're ready to handle everything, but the actual booking, yourself, stick with a regular cruise-only agency.
I also do not go along with "Gone cruising," who decries and abhors "name calling," and then goes on to abuse a poster with the same name calling he says he is against.
I suppose "Gone cruising" was born an experienced cruiser, and never had a first cruise. No question this person belongs on another board...........
Please don't judge us all by one, inconsiderat, a--hole!</HTML>



Are you a business owner? Do you understand the dedication, stress, and hard work involved in developing a *successful* business? I do, and I'll be damned if I sit back and let someone take cheap shots at a great company because he/she can't read and understand what is clearly stated from the beginning.

It is unfortunate that you decided to side with someone (unregistered user) who has blatantly taken a cheap shot at a great company and take aim at an individual (registered user) trying to defend an honorable company who is very upfront with what they do.

If being able to read a company’s homepage is considered being born an "experienced" cruiser...well, than yes I was born one. And I really must of been born an "experienced" cruiser since I *will* be sailing for the first time this Sunday on the Voyager. And guess what? I did book through after getting a much better price through them...and I did it all the while knowing that they were Internet only. I'm not sure how I figured that out though...must of been luck I guess.

Individuals need to feel accountable for their poor decisions and actions...people do read (some know how to anyway) these forums and people are influenced by what they read.

Jeff, keep on defending the ignorant...for they know not what they do.

P.S. if you want to continue this discussion, please email me privately as this board does not need to be bothered with this any longer.</HTML>


<HTML>What is going on here? Name calling on this board? Fighting? Did I log on to the wrong message board here?
Remember all, there is a way to say things and a way not to say them, please don't attempt to turn this board into others that we all know of on the Internet.</HTML>

Carol In Canada

<HTML>I have used travel agents, myself online directly with the cruise company and once with quickcruise. I have been happy with all 3 results. I do agree that with quickcruise you have to know EXACTLY what your looking for and there is no personal contact other than e mail. Its very direct and easy but I do have to state that if you have any questions you need to have a travel agent handle them for you.

Its nice to know that we all have different opinions and options available to meet our cruising addiction! Now lets all go book another one !!

Enjoy life:</HTML>


<HTML>Toto I agree with your comments. I for one love this board for the plethora of information and kindness offered here. I believe, though, that people should be more responsible with their posts as they can cause unjust harm. Before I hit that post button, I too should have reconsidered (and revised) what I posted to newcruiser. I probably could have dealt with it in a more friendly manner...I just get very upset with individuals who blatantly criticize others without first knowing what in the world they themselves are talking about.

as far as Jeff goes...calling me the inconsiderate a--hole for defending an honest innocent party while in fact, it was newcruiser who showed no consideration for when he/she decided to voice unjust opinions...that's for anothe day.</HTML>


<HTML>Just to add my 2 cents here, and not involved in the controversary above, I just booked with 4 days ago for the Voyager in April. I saved over $1,000.00. I completely understood that it was an internet only system and was very nervous. I posted questions here about them. Got great and honest answers, as always, and I took the plunge into cybertravel. I was very sad to leave my live travel agent but with a savings of about 1250.00 (between cruise and air) that she couldn't match I had to do it. I phoned RCCL 2 days later and got confirmation of the cabin and price. Can't beat that. Now my one proble is "What am I going to do with all of my savings?" I wish I hadn't told my husband and then I could have gone on a wonderful shopping spree. So much for honesty. He wants to do something crazy like pay bills with it. What am I going to do with him? Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to keep it lite and happy.</HTML>


<HTML>First, I want to set the record straight! I apologize to all my fellow posters, and to Gone cruisin, and say that the last sentence of my post is totally inappropriate, and I am sorry.
However, my comments, directed to New cruiser, remain.
We are all entitled to our opinions, New cruiser, Gone cruising and me! One of the purposes of this board is to voice our opinions; about ships; about cruise lines; about pre-stay hotels; about travel agents; etc; that's how we get the most reliable information.
Obviously, Gone cruising has had satisfactory dealings with a company that New cruiser found unacceptable. New cruiser made it very clear that the company was 100% web-based, and very honest, telling him he'd have to pay more for the privilege of talking to a real person.
What bothered me was New cruiser starting with, "First, let me say that I am flamming (sic: flaming) and name calling...," and then goes on to do exactly what he claims to be against...
That is not what this board is all about! There are several cruise boards that welcome those types of posts! We try to be more of a family; friendly and helpful. That's why I over-reacted to the posts that hurt the board.....</HTML>


<HTML>To all @ddicts, jeff and newcruiser

I too want to apologize for my abusive posts today. I clearly could have handled it in a friendlier manner. Unfortunately, we learn from our mistakes…I have learned that I need to finish my cup of coffee and wait until I’m out of my terrible morning grumpiness before I read and post on cruise@addicts. :) LOL. In the future, I will let my self cool down by counting to ten (maybe 1,000…depending on how early in the morning it is) before I post a response. As I stated earlier, I love coming to this board for the wealth of friendly knowledge and advice. I’m sorry I tainted that image.

With that being said, I still believe what newcruiser did was irresponsible and completely unacceptable. When newcruiser posted in big bold letters "BEWARE OF CRUISEQUICK.COM" as if they were some evil corporation out to screw us, his intent was to go straight for their jugular...trying to seriously undermine the credibility that they so arduously worked for. He/she was purposely trying to deter people from using by stating what they so clearly explain on their front page. It is one thing to lash out and call someone a's a whole different ballgame when you start attacking someone's livelihood.

Being a business owner, I unfortunately took it too personally and acted in an unacceptable manner myself. Again, I’m sorry…I promise I’ll behave better in the future.

Cheers to all.</HTML>


<HTML>Wow. For a minute there I thought I was on the wrong board!

Hurray to those who "tactfully" pointed out New Cruiser's mistake/misinterpretation. It would have been nice if we gave New Cruiser the chance to read the responses and correct himself/herself or apologize before blasting him/her.

Sorry, but I just had to add my two cents. Many of us at one time or another may post something that others don't like. Most of the time we are gently slapped on the hand and given the chance to apologize. If this happened to me when I first began posting, I would have left and thought this was like the rest of the bb's.</HTML>

Ray Weiller -

<HTML>Open email to all who frequent the cruise @ddicts board...

Thanks to everyone who wrote positive emails regarding the way we do business.

It was once said 'you can't please all of the people all of the time"

Every cruiser requires a different level of service. Every business offers a different level of service. Service is the most costly overhead item a cruise agency has. Service is another word for time. Time to research ships, itineraries, ports, shore excursions, pre and post land packages, etc.

A small percentage of the avid cruisers can do this for themselves. These cruisers deserve a place to save money for their efforts. has made no bones abut the way we do business. We limit the amount of quotes we will give to non clients. We do no research and most of all we try to offer the lowest price!

Once again thanks for the support....keep on cruisin!

Ray Weiller