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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Clay F, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. Clay F

    Clay F Guest

    Anyone ever done this in San Juan? It is offered through shoretrips.com (linked through this website), looks like one of the few things to do in San Juan at night.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I haven't done it, but it sure looks like something I would enjoy. I'll be there in November so I might give it a try. The other thing I found was through the Celebrity website.....a night tour of Old and New San Juan. There used to be a Rhumba Show to go to but they removed it from their choices now.
  3. We had 6 members on the Victory cruise last November do this trip. It was a long bus ride about 2-3 hrs from the dock. They were glad to have the experience but probably would not repeat it. Bring bug repellant..and use the bathroom on the ship before you go..they said there were no facilities at the bay. The bioluminesence was not that impressive from what they said..you could see it if you stired the water etc. with the paddles or with your hand. They used double kayaks-- flashlights would probably be helpful..they used some glow sticks to identify the kayaks..but navigation in the mangroves was a bit tricky. If you go to cruisecritic.com and type in biolumenesence you should get a couple reviews of the trip. It seemed most either loved or hated the trip.
    Chris Mitchell
  4. jim_dude

    jim_dude Guest

    Clay, my wife and I did this tour last Dec. We were very happy with the kayak and the lagoon part of it. The guides we had were very informative and knew what they were talking about. It was a good experience to do once but I doubt if we would do it again. Our bad experience was with the bus ride there. A gas tanker had over turned on the freeway so we had to take all side streets to get to the kayak place. It took about twice as long as it sould have to get there. They did have restroom facilities for us to use. Then our way back was problem free until we got to the pier. We were on the Veendam of HAL and it was supposed to leave port at midnight but the dance thing they had scheduled didn't take place and so they left port at 11:00 pm. We got back to the port at 11:05... There were about 15 of us that went on the kayaking. We just stood on the pier and waved to the ship bye.... Luckily the port authority was still in contac with the ship and it sent a tender back for us...... that was somewhat of a scary experience for us..But we ejoyed the kayaking....lol....Jim

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