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Biopsy is over



After waiting 12 long days, DH biopsy is over. At the hospital by 7:30 and home by noon. Things went as good as could be expected with DH who is so terrified of needles & all procedures. They rolled him away begging them to knock him out--the kind radiology nurse assured him that if it became necessary they certainly would do that & he settled down a little bit. Upon his return this same nurse told another nurse they did have to give him a double dose of the usual meds but he did ok after that. Now we wait for the results--supposed to be within 3 to 5 days. Our internist's office is wonderful--they know how difficult these things are for DH to go thru & yesterday afternoon called to see how he did; most offices schedule the test & you don't hear from them til they call with the results. Will let you know when we know something.


So glad this ordeal is over for him and prayers and best wishes for good test results!


Glad that part is over. For me the worst part is the waiting.
Continued prayers.


Glad things went well today. Now to find a project that you can do that will keep you occupied and out of trouble while you wait. LOL BTW, I made my dentist give me some extra novacane before he yanked my tooth this morning. Didn't take too much convincing cuz he remembers what a big baby I can be when it comes to pain. He also put a rubber stopper in my mouth so I wouldn't bite him! LOL

Won't be long now Kathy. Just try to stay calm and remember your friends here at C@ are so pleased that you confide in us and teach us all about your hubby's experiences throughout this whole ordeal. My sister told me last night, "think of your favorite place on our cruise and run there any time you need to relax. " It works!!!

Hugs, Mari

Cruise cutie

=hug and prayers from our home as well..stay strong.. we will keep you in our thoughts..:angel..Joanne


I surely hope and wish the best for him. I have been on the " waiting list " myself and understand how it is !


Kathy - Sorry to not see this post sooner. I am thinking of you and dh while you wait. I am happy that the procedure went well for dh - I have trouble with procedures too so I am happy that the nurses took good care of him!



H2O babe

May you have good days while you are waiting for the results. You are in my thoughts.