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Blackbeards Cay Bahamas

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by rhen33, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Has anyone done this excursion on your own?
    Any info would be great.Thanks
  2. KYboaterz

    KYboaterz Active Member

    We went via Carnival in 2006...probably spent way too much money to do that, If I knew we could book it on our own we'd have done that!!! and saved a little money...we were too new to the whole experience back then to be brave and 'chance it'...
    the Island is actually half and island...the other half with a prettier view of the open sea and not looking back at Bahama Island coast is owned by "sandals' resort and DONT even THINK of taking a little hop over the 6inch tall concrete "barrier" [more like a parking lot bumper] they have 'thugs' who will chase you back to your side...yes, we tried this 'just to get a few pictures' they would not let you do it...even though there was no one occupying THAT side of the island at the time...
    It was still nice enough...food was extra, so were any beverages...we had plenty of beach chairs at the time and there were little shops to look at, there was an area to swim with sting rays if you wanted to pay extra for that opportunity...we just enjoyed the beach and building sand castles...we were there in December and while the sun was warm the water was quite chilly! the kids and the DH really enjoyed the 'THriller' powerboat ride over from the pier... though very 'short' ride it was...
    will try to post pics from the experience somehow...too new to site to know how to do that yet...?
    Hope this helps...
    Next time I want to check out Atlantis resort...
  3. KYboaterz

    KYboaterz Active Member

    Gotta start paying attention to dates when this stuff is posted...better late than never....haha...might help someone else though:bigsmile:

    Good news is...I did figure out how to post my pics...check out KYboaterz ports of call pics...
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
  4. Moiraine

    Moiraine Active Member

    Sounds like fun.

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