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I just checked out the Blue Lagoon web site. Can someone tell me more about this adventure? Cost? Is it just a "Hang out" place? Can you book now and will they pick u up at the ship?
Going on our first cruise July 26 on Century.


Hi, we are new going on a cruise-so I also want info. on the blue lagoon. Can you walk from the dolphin encounter to the beaches, are there taxis , and finally what is the best way to get there? Thanks for the web site. Leslie


How does the beach on Blue Lagoon compare to the beach on Paradise Island? Also, If we want ot go to Atlantis (see the digs, aquarium), what beaches can you walk to from there?


Thanks for making it clickable. I am clueless with this computer!
Anyone have ideas about this island?


I clinked on the link to Blue Lagoon then on the reservation page. After I filled out the form and hit submit it came up with a page saying the page could not be displayed because the address was incorrect. Has anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know the price to book this excursion and do you have to do it ahead of time or can you get off of the ship and book it there?

in answer to lovestheocean:
It has been years since I went to this island(about 9 years), it was called Salt Cay back then, but I do know it was very pretty ,there were no dolphins or stingrays then, just a hangout in the hammocks kind of place or snorkel or swim, no taxis, foot traffic only to where ever you wanted to go. You have to take a ferry to get there ,probably a 20-30 minute ride. It reminds me a lot of CocoCay.
Maybe someone with a more recent experience could provide us with an update .


Blue Lagoon is a Carnival-owned island. If you aren't sailing on Carnival, I'm not sure if you can even get there.

The island is great - I was there last January. There are no taxis and everything is within walking distance. The dolphin encounter is a short walk from the pier and the stingray snorkeling is about a 1/4 - 1/2 mile walk (please dont' get this excursion confused with the regular snorkeling - my friend and I walked all the way there for nada). There are plenty of hammocks strung up around palm trees if you just want lay around and plenty of private spots. The snorkeling is also very good - you don't have to swim out far to see a lot of great underwater life.

There is also a tiki bar, a few shops and one God-Awful cafeteria type place to eat. Please, PLEASE do not eat a hamburger from there. Ew is all I can say. Other than the eating establishment, everything was wonderful! Great beach, with lots of water toys - and it's relatively quiet.

Have a great time!!!


Thanks so much for the info.! My other question is after the dolphin encounter can you walk around the island and go to the beach?I wasn't sure if you had to leave immediately after? I'm also traveling with my parents and wasn't sure if the walk around the island was too much for them.
20 days to my cruise and getting excited-thanks, Lesli


Blue Lagoon, Salt Cay, Gilligan's Island, all terminology for this tropical paradise. One can only access this island by boat and it is about a 30 to 40 minute boat ride to get there from Nassau. I really don't think that Carnival owns the island as we went there on a shore excursion from the Big Red Boat about 3 years ago. Premier Cruise Lines was calling the island their private island at the time, but I think that was an erroneous claim because there were quite a few people there from other cruise lines as well.


does anyone know if a 3 year old can go on the dolphin encounter if his mother would hold him. I don't know what we would do with him if he went there and his brother went and could not. We are going to be on the disney cruise in July and it will be a too long a time to be away from him if we left him on the ship with the babysitting service.
Email me if you have any advise


when we went - we took the "late" ship there - like 11:30 am or something.
i believe there were 2 "leaving" times - one was at 2 something and the other was a few hours later
so depending on what time the dolphin encounter is, you should be able to hang out at the island for awhile before departing


Do you know how often the ferries come and go on the island?
Cruising soon and excited! Leslie


I took the Blue Lagoon excursion while on a Carnival cruise with my 20 year old son and three of his college buddies. The ride over on an old tug was fun for the guys -- we enjoyed the abundant "complimentary" cheap rum punch and island music.

The island is very small, so not a lot of walking involved. The Dolphin encounter is a short walk to/from the beach. The guys snorkeled and then got bored quickly. We older folks just relaxed in the hammocks and cooled off in the gift shop -- had to have a t-shirt! They have several tenders back so you can spend a bit of time there, but be sure to catch that last ride to the dock! On the boat ride, you get a great view of the Atlantis Hotel. Hope this helps :->

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