"Bon Bini" from Cruise Cutie & Mark in Aruba


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Joanne and Mark phoned a little while ago to say "Bon Bini" and asked me to post a note that they're thinking of all their @ddicts friends.

Internet has been non-existent and there was a power outage for 12 hours yesterday.

They're having a wonderful time - sun, sand, water (sigh). :beach::beach: But this will all come to an end this weekend.


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I wondered why we were not hearing from them. Glad to hear they are having a wonderful time. If anyone deserves a little :beach: - it is Cruise cutie & Mark. Thnx for the mssg, Shipmaven. :doubleup:

Donna - dsw

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Thanks for the update - how nice of them to call you!

I am glad they are having a good time - of course I knew they would!



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I was also wondering why they hadn't checked in. Figured they were too busy eating carbs and :beach:!! Too bad about the power; we lost ours for almost 2 days 2 weeks ago with that rain storm; if I was going to lose power, I'd much rather be in Aruba than rainy, cold and nasty NJ! :duh:


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Thanks for the update Mary Ann....I know how much Joanne and Mark enjoy their 2 weeks in Aruba and how hard they work to do this every 2 years.:doubleup: