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Bonine and the Patch together

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by pmcd, May 2, 2014.

  1. pmcd

    pmcd New Member

    Has anyone used a combination of Bonine and the Patch simultaneously? I realize that many might be leary but this seems to be used in some cases by deep sea fishermen.

    If only the patch, which you don't need a prescription for in parts of Canada, then what would be the schedule on a 7 day cruise to Bermuda where you are in port from 7AM Wednesday through 4:30 Friday? The rest of the time you are at sea. The ship leaves May 11 at 4:30pm on returns on Sunday May 18 at 8AM roughly.

    The reason I mention this is some 43 years ago I was on an ocean liner to Italy from New York and vowed to never get on a boat again ( mind you when I wasn't ill it was magical).

    I did talk with our doctor about the patch. Most other options seemed to fall in the antihistamine family ( Dramamine, etc .... perhaps even Bonine? <- not sold in Canada).

    I understand this is not a medical advice forum. I just wanted to hear from cruisers who might have used both.

    Thanks ... philip
  2. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    Bonine and the Patch simultaneously + 1 glass of wine = 1 really cheap high............

    Since you are sailing out of NJ Dramamine or bonine will be over the counter at any drug store, forget about Canada and just pick up what you need in NJ.
    Also it is usually available at the pursers desk on the ship, the last thing they want is for you to get sick, they give it away, or it will be available in one of the shops onboard.
    I don't use anything but I have heard the patches are pretty good so get a prescript from your Dr just to be safe if you are prone to motion sickie
  3. pmcd

    pmcd New Member

    Hi Bob,

    I am from Canada where the Patch is OTC but Bonine is not sold. My last cruise 40 some years ago to Italy from New York was a nightmare due to motion sickness. I vowed to never get on a ship again. When I wasn't sick it was really magical so here I am again ... Dramamine or any of the antihistamine type medications simply didn't work for me. I have 4 patches ( they are not cheap and since they aren't a prescription medication aren't covered under my insurance). I was just interested in whether someone had used both. Since the ship will be in port for 3 days and at sea for 4 I was hoping to only have to use one or two patches and Bonine otherwise, with a small overlap. Don't really drink, but do like an occasional glass of wine, so it sounds like the combo might make you drowsy? Have you tried it?

    The difficulty with seasickness is that everyone seems to react differently. I don't usually suffer from motion sickness ( planes, cars and so on) but boats seem to be another things. Odd as I love large lakes, oceans and water in general.

    Nice to know they might have Bonine on board.

  4. travelbugg

    travelbugg New Member

    The good thing about a cruise to Bermuda is that you will be in port for three consecutive days. We cruised from NYC and we had 2 consecutive sea days, then in port 3 days followed by one sea day and then back in port. For us, the seas were pretty much like glass, but you can't count on that.

    It seems sort of a waste to use a patch, which I think is scopalomine, when you'll be in port for 3 days.
    We always take Bonine ( generic form of Meclizine ) with us, but we've never had to use it. Most often, you see recommendations to start Bonine the night before boarding ( at night so that drowsiness is not a factor ) to get it in your system, and then nightly after, or on an as needed basis.

    I would ask my doctor, or even the pharmacist, about the advisability of combining two different meds. If you drink, that might also need to be taken into consideration. Some people are so affected by the meds themselves that it is not worth them taking it. Drowsiness, feeling tired, woozy etc. You wouldn't necessarily have these side effects, but it is something to consider and discuss with a professional.

    If it were me, I'd probably opt for something I could take as needed, but maybe start the night before, until I get my sea legs.:dance:
  5. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    I don't suffer from motion sickness so have never taken dram or bonine

    On our very first cruise my wife was absolutely positive I would suffer from any and all motion sicknesses that existed to man so she stocked up on everything for me. I spent the cruise having a great time she spent it leaning over the trash can

    Of the three evils I would guess the patch would be the best option. A: If you don't need it you take it off. B: With bonine or dramamine once you take it, it is in your system on the boat or on shore until it passes through you system.

    The bad thing is it is North Atlantic enough that it can be a rough tough trip going or coming

    They will have something on board not to worry
  6. Lurline63

    Lurline63 Well-Known Member

    I've done about a half dozen Bermuda cruises. Sometimes the sea is smooth as glass; other times it can be a bit rough. I have felt the motion on those latter occasions and found a simple solution -- apples. There's something about the pectin that counteracts seasickness. This remedy was told to me by a crew member 20 years ago when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and could, therefore, not take any meds. I have not taken seasickness meds since. What's great about apples is that they are easily obtainable onboard, they're free, and have no side effects.

    Also keep in mind that today's cruise ships are less prone to the back-and-forth motion that was common on liners. BTW, which ship did you travel on 40 years ago between the US and Italy? (I am an ocean liner fanatic.)

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    Apples vs regularity........tough decision :lblue:
  8. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Well-Known Member

    The thing with motion sickness meds;they interact with ANY other meds you are on; Apples are good in theory not a happy one for me...simply do NOT cut it, but fabulous for those that it does..:

    as a nurse/ cruiser... who on the *RARE* occasion I need motion sickness med.I have the Transderm scope patch..I have a scrip..it's on for 3 days, off if not needed, would not *EVER* do both bonine and patch..and as has been said not good to mix either with booze..:(.. I get needing a nap with the patch, but after 20 years at Sea..it's been maybe 4 times I've needed one..

    as as Lisa said the stabilizers are WAYYYYY different than years ago...:).
    However one of the few times needed; one was a Nor'easter off of Nova Scotia on an October Canada/ NE cruise..funny thing is I live in VT..and from Connecticut..been on water all my life but once the waves hit 10-12' it's over...:)..

    .I'd take either; but the patch works within one hour, is good for up to 72 hours, and once removed out of the system in maybe 2-3 hours..it's topical..the wrist bands work for many;me they are a useless piece of crap that kill my wrist.. I've donated the ones I had to a GF...they work like a charm for her...

    Good luck ~Happy Cruising..Joanne.
  9. pmcd

    pmcd New Member

    Well we went on our Bermuda cruise and it was for the most part wonderful. Unfortunately, no matter how big they make the stabilizers it still affects me. Perhaps I would get used to it after weeks at sea.. Now, I did not get sick but I was nauseous much of the time. I had the patch, Bonine, ginger and green apples. For some strange reason ginger and green apples helped a lot.

    On the way to Bermuda the water was very calm. I had used the patch 4 hours before leaving. After a day I started feeling nauseous and I was told to take off the patch as it wasn't a good idea to use it when the seas were calm. Seemed reasonable so I took it off. It got a bit rough on the 2nd day and I had to take the Bonine which did help in combination with green apples and ginger and Ginger ale.

    My system must have been very confused as I never suffer motion sickness from cars or buses. Made the mistake of taking a public bus to CocoReef resort ( wonderful place by the way) I thought I was back on the ship in rough seas! The day spent at CocoReef made it all worth while. By far the best part of Bermuda for me.

    After 2.5 days in Bermuda I was ready to tackle the ship again. Bermuda by the way is as beautiful as I recalled but it is really, really expensive and is completely built up with just crazy traffic so even I wouldn't risk renting a scooter. The public bus system is good but can't deal with two big ships docking at once which was the case with us. Met some really nice people from the Breakaway while standing in line for an hour trying to get a bus. We had bus passes. It is just chaotic trying to get out of the Dockyards on a bus. Once out the buses are fine. The ferry system is great but there again there are queues and more queues when leaving from the Dockyards. Once away from the Dockyards things are way better from that point of view.

    Love Bermuda but I fear it may be my last visit. If I were to go I would probably take a plane and just stay put at CocoReef, but then we probably would have to win a lottery for that and it is one of the least expensive resorts on the islands. If going by ship I would use taxis or perhaps really get my motorcycle chops fine tuned and rent a moped/scooter.

    The way back on the ship was a whole different story. The water got quite rough to the point where they had to close the pools. Bonine wasn't enough so I used another patch( and green apples). This did prevent me from getting sick though I did feel nauseous much of the time. I am not a big drinker but I did find that Dubonnet on the rocks helped settle my stomach. Also, French champagne ( just a glass) was also soothing. None of this interacted badly with either the patch and/or Bonine. But that is just me and I had discussed all the possibilities with my doctor before going. Bonine seems to be similar to Benadryl. It just didn't knock me out enough.

    In conclusion, the ships now are far better than 40 years ago. They are also very, very big with people everywhere. Bermuda is still beautiful but far too expensive and crazy traffic. The Celebrity Summit was a great way to experience a return to ships. Food was very good, people nice, etc ...

    Would I personally go on another ship? Perhaps, but I would look into the complete array of available motion sickness drugs. It's just not a great feeling, especially since you can't get off the ship. Too bad as there are so many wonderful aspects to cruising. I can see why people love it.

    Just a few thoughts ....

    Last edited: Jun 1, 2014

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