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Bonine or Dramamine....

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by nu2cruisin, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. nu2cruisin

    nu2cruisin Guest

    Does one work better than the other? I spent my first cruise VERY seasick and I want to enjoy this cruise...I fear if I don't get my seasickness under control that I won't be able to...well, let's not even go there.

    After doing a good bit of reseach and talking with my doctor, I've already decided against the patch.

    What do you think works best?
  2. beej

    beej Guest

    Elaine, Both do a good job, but Dramamine has more side effects and drowsys. Carolyn and I use meclazine which is Bonine as an Rx from the Dr. 25mgs is identical to Bonine and 30 pill Rx is half the price of about 8 over the counter. We take ours 1 or 2 nights before around 10PM and then take on board same time a couple of days. C gets seasick and we have had no problems with it.
  3. marye

    marye Guest

    Bonine. DH gets sick on a Ferris Wheel. Fifteen cruises later - We won't cruise without it. Much more user friendly than Dramamine. Try it.
  4. Howard

    Howard Guest

    Bonine, from my experience is a much more effective drug. Like beej said, it has much less side effects.

  5. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Dramamine is dimenhydrate and Bonine is meclizine.
    'Dramamine Less drowsy' is meclizine just to complicate matters :lol
    Both are antihistamines and therefore can cause sleepiness but Dramamine has the stonger 'sedative' effect. :sleep
    I suffer with from all kinds of motion sickness and I use the meclizine and it works fine, it comes in chewable tablets :)
    Plus I personally don't feel sleepy with the meclizine

    Remember to read the packet as both drugs can interact with other medications and of course like most medications have side effects :)

    Meclazine comes in the following brand names
    Dramamine II
    In Canada
  6. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    I use the meclizine with excellent results. I may get a tish drowsy, but that may even be me just being RELAXED from the vacation :)
  7. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Bonine worked very well on the teen on our first cruise. At the start of dinner the first night, the boat started swaying, she turned green, and I took her up to our room. She took a Bonine, and hit the sack... not because she was tired, but because she didn't feel well. She took Bonine the 2nd night just as a precaution, but didn't need it again.

    If you do take any anti-seasick pills, take them in the evening to sleep through any drowsy side effects.
  8. nu2cruisin

    nu2cruisin Guest

    Thanks for the great info guys! I appreciate all your help! :daisy
  9. Cruisequest

    Cruisequest Guest

    I'll add my two cents in favor of Meclizine. It really worked well for me with one very small side effect. I had to visit the ladies room a little more frequently. I didn't get drowsy at all. I'd take that anyday over being sick.

    I have to say that one time I did try "non-drowsy Dramamine". That stuff knocked me out. I mean I could NOT keep my eyes open.
  10. jk

    jk Guest

    Elaine, have you thought about trying the bands you put on your wrists? We used them on one of our cruises and they worked great. You can get them at places like Wal Mart and are fairly inexpensive. Plus no side affects at all. Just a thought.
  11. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    My boyfriend used the Bonine for the first few days because we were not sure if he would get seasick or not, being his first cruise. Well, he didnt get sick, and he had no problems with any side effects. As others said, I suggest taking them at night also (thats what BF did too), that way if there is any drowsiness, it wont matter. One other thing to remember, you do have to watch your alcohol consumption, read the box. If thats going to be a problem, then consider those wrist bands.
  12. gillac

    gillac Guest

    The directions on the box say to take 1 or 2 tablets. I understand it varies from person to person and your doctor can tell you what is best, but....How tablets do you generally take? :)
  13. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Cruisequest, Bonine and Less Drowsy dramamine are both Meclizine 25mgs :)
  14. Cruisequest

    Cruisequest Guest

    Pardonnez moi! I thought Bonine was the same as Marezine which IS my absolute preferred Antimetic. Marezine is difficult to find - you must ask the Pharmacist as they usually keep it behind the counter, although you do NOT have to have a prescription for it. It contains 50 mg of Cyclizine Hydrochloride and is the best! Works every time.
  15. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    I was also under the belief that dramamine and meclizine were similar but not exactly the same make up. Years ago when I worked in a nursing home, I would give patients with vertigo (dizzyness) Antivert aka meclizine as a standing order. I do know that Bonine however is the same.

    FYI I only take one tablet, worked like a charm but never usually take full doses of anything :)

    Also, my mother in law swears by the marezine and agree that is tougher to find. Good luck all!
  16. Expedition

    Expedition Guest

    [​IMG]Wow thanks to all, that answered alot of my questions. I am really ready for my trip now.[​IMG]

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