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I just booked our first cruise ever! We are sailing the Majesty to Bermuda next June and I am FULL of questions! Hope someone will be kind enough to help me.

FOOD: I know that food is included in the main dining rooms but what about the pizza my children will just have to have at midnight? Or the cheese and crackers from room service at 2 am? Is there anyplace online where we can look at a sample menu?

FREESTYLE DINING: While I like the idea of being able eat at whatever time we like, my children are very picky - hate any kind of garnish on the plate, like their food not to touch, eat no veggies, etc. Can we request the same waiter each night or must I explain these things to each new server every night?

CABIN: We have a superior oceanview cabin on deck 6 for the four of us. We actually have a triple room and they will give us a rollaway bed each evening. Any tips for getting along in such small quarters? Is there anyplace online where we can view actual pics of some of the cabins?

I'm sure as the days go by I will have plenty more questions - I'm just so excited now!!!!
Thanks so much! Feel free to e-mail me!


You can go to http://www.virtualtoursusa.com/ for a tour of the ship. Stick to the same dining room each night , ask the waiter's name and you can ask to be seated in their area again. We did this on the Dawn, and it was great.
Haven't had 4 in a room or been on the Majesty, so can't answer your questions about her.
Good luck and have fun cruising.


I have not cruised the Dawn yet (our first cruise is scheduled on the Dawn on 11/2/03), but I have done quite of bit of research and probing for info. Here is what I've found that applies to your questions:

Food: Most food is included. The particular items you ask about should all be included. Food that's not included: Cagney's, LeBistro, Bamboo, premium ice cream at the ice cream bar, and tips for room service. You should be able to eat 24 hours/day between the buffets and room service. As for your kids, Dawn has a part of the Garden Cafe that's kid-sized and made specifically for them. Sounds like your kids might enjoy that. As for menus, I found some sample menus as well as great pictures at this site ... http://www.magwa.co.uk/dawn/ndawnphoto.htm.

Freestyle Dining: This type of dining has received A LOT of criticism, but I doubt you or I will mind it as first time cruisers. The people who tend to criticize it seem to be those who are quite accustomed to traditional cruising, and very interested in meeting new people. I, for one, am not going on a cruise to spend time with anyone but my husband. If we happen to meet other nice people in our age group with similar interests, so be it. But if there's one thing I DO NOT want, it's to feel obligated to "hang out" with some other couple for the whole cruise. Anyway, it sounds like your only concern with freestyle is getting what you want w/o having to repeat yourself every night. If you ask at the beginning of the cruise, they will more than likely be able to accomodate you by switching you to traditional-style dining. But the kids' section of the Garden Cafe may be the better bet if you still want to try a variety of restaurants for yourself (the kids could catch a bite before or after you).

Cabin: No advice on dealing with cabin size, but the pictures I've seen don't look any more cramped than I'd expect on a ship. In fact, they look pretty nice and the newness has to be a factor in that. As for pictures of the cabins, the site noted in the post above is excellent for that. There are some very helpful reviews there as well. Although we've both already booked our cruises with the Dawn, I still find it helpful to read the reviews so I have an idea of what to expect.

Hope this helps. Have fun!:)


As for that many in a cabin, it depends on the ages and temporments of the passengers. I have seen 5 in an inside cabin get along just fine while 3 in a deluxe outside cabin may go nuts. Just time the showers, make up sessions etc so everyone has time to get ready for the day or night experience. As for freestyle, there was much more crititcism in the beginning than now although some people prefer traditional dining. We don't want to cruise traditional anymore even though we are about to cruise Celebrity. You have 10 months to plan and research your cruise. I think you will have a wonderful time. There is nothing like your first cruise. It is something you will remember your entire life.



HI! Congrats on booking your first cruise! I am sailing on the Majesty on 8/24 - it will be our 5th time on this sailing. I have had a superior oceanview on deck 4 and inside cabins on deck 6 with the three of us and although the cabins are small - how much time do you spend in your cabin? We were fine. We prefer deck 6. As for room service, it is free but remember to tip the employee that brings the food. The pizza/burger/fries on the pool deck is another good option. Freestyle is wonderful if you have a family. I will post a review here when we return from our sailing.



Silly me! I just now realized you were talking about the Majesty -- must've had Dawn on the brain! LOL! You can disregard my comments.:)

Neb & Lisa

I was on the Majesty in March '03 and I would highly recommend buying the soda cards. In the long run it will save you a lot of money, unless your family doesn't drink a lot of soda. The only 'free' drinks that I remember seeing are coffee, tea, iced tea, water, sometimes juice (grapefruit, orange). The soda cards were good at the restaurants, and on the pool deck

Hope you enjoy your time

Oh yeah, we had an outside cabin and it was really small compared to other ships that I have sailed with


We sailed on the majest October 02. Had a fabulous time. We had 4 adults in one room. Had no problem at all with space and we didn't have a suite. I believe we were on deck 7. Anyways, you can order food from room service anytime. No Charge. They have an all night pizza, burger joint. If you are worried about the kids and dinner, the buffets are open every evening and offer a variety of foods. Make sure you attend the midnight chocolate buffet. The KIDS WILL LOVE THIS. WE only ate in the dining room 3 nights. Words of wisdom for BERMUDA:
Bermuda waters are beautiful. The kids will enjoy this the most. Tobacco bay at st charles is the quietest beach. The water is absolutely beautiful. You can see 1000's of fish. Shopping in st charles was limited. Know where you want to go and get a taxi to take you. The mopeds are great but not with kids. The bus system is horrible because there are no sidewalks and you have to stand on the road to catch the bus and the roads are very narrow. I would suggest the taxi with kids.

Hope you have a great time. WE did and are ready for the next one.



To answer some of your questions:

1. We've been on several NCL cruises. You'll love it. They are a good company to work with. I can't think of a single thing to complain about with NCL.

2. The food is excellent, you'll have no problems there. Lots of choices, it's cooked right and the ship is always clean and sanitary.

3. As for your children's food 'touching' sounds like you need to work with your children and get them past this. Obviously, they've never gone hungry (I have and believe me, I could care less if my food 'touches').

One of my pet peeves aboard ship is parents with spoiled children who let them run wild. I came on the trip to relax and enjoy, not endure undiciplined children acting as little savages.

If your children are under 7 years old, I strongly suggest for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of those adults around you, that you leave your kids with relatives. If your children are over 7 and are so demanding, you need to do some serious parenting work!



Kanoeche, I hate to open up a can of worms, but just got off the phone with my daughter and we were discussing this very subject. I agree with you almost 100%. Young kids and cruises do not mix well. You notice I say I agree almost, there are exceptions to all rules and statements. There is the rare very young child that will enjoy the cruise and behave accordingly, but this is an exception. I have always manitainsed kids and parents who want to cruise together belong on Disney. It's can be a wonderful experience for all!!! NMNita