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First time? And, you're going with HAL?

The bad .... HAL will spoil you for most other lines.

The good ... Just about everything!!!!!!!

Other hints -

When you board, turn off your cell phones and put them in the safe (in your cabin).

Don't think you have to buy every picture. Collect 'em in one location and wait till the day before the end of the cruise to make your selection(s).

Bring along an over-the-door pocket-style shoe rack. Put it on the inside of your bathroom door. Makes it very easy for keeping all the toiletries sorted, off the counter and still within reach.

Each evening, pick up a couple schedules for the next day (at the Purser's Desk). Use a highlighter to pick what interests you, then[\u] compare with your partner. Don't feel you have to do everything together. This way, you'll have more to chat about.

Use a dry erase marker to leave notes on the vanity mirror (post-its tend to fall off or get lost). Makes it easier to track each other down when one is doing one thing and the other is doing something else.

Try to avoid the elevators. Stick to the stair. Will help burn off the calories you'll be packing on with a dozen meals per day.

OK. I'm a 'foodie', so ...

Try to have breakfast in the MDR (main dining room). Did you know that breakfast can be a six course meal????

Hot o'dourves in the bars and lounges start an hour before the evening meal ...

If you go with an assigned table in the MDR, try to get a large one. If one couple or another decides to dine somewhere else on any particular night, no one is left alone. Plus, again, you'll have more to chat about each evening. Also, rotate your seats each evening, That way, you have different dining partners and avoid any cliquisness (sp?).

Also in the MDR - experiment. If there's something on the menu that you have no idea what it is (or how to pronounce it), give it a try. If you don't care for it, your waiter will be only too happy to replace it with something else. If you do like it, order a couple more!

If there you manage to narrow your choices to a couple selections ... order both!

Two words - "Chilled Soups".

Don't forget that there is no charge for cappuccinos in the MDR. Makes all those deserts taste so much better ...

In the evening, when you're about a half hour from calling it quits for the night, use a phone at one of the bars and call room service. Having a plate of warm cookies and a glass of ice cold milk waiting in your cabin makes a great ending to another perfect HAL day.

Let's see ..... what else?

Oh, each time you leave your cabin, fold the toilet tissue back into a point .... It'll drive your steward nuts !

Thanks for all the tips, the over the door shoe rack sounds like a great idea.

Cheers Graham & Gill


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And don't forget to try the Pinnacle Grill -- make reservations early -- we usually call Ship Services at 1-800-541-1576 to amke our reservations and always request an e-mail back confirming your reservation. It is $20 per person and worth every penny.

Also in the Pinnacle try the Chocolate Volcano Cake as well as one of the soufles. One thing with the soufles -- you must tell your waiter when you place your order at the beginning that you want one --they make them from scratch and it does take time. You have a choice of chocolate or vanilla soufle.

Also -- everyday at lunch time in the Lido -- look for the bread pudding with vanilla sauce.
Hi Krazy Kruizers,

I have seen that I can make reservations for the Pinnacle Grill on HAL's website which I shall do as I celebrate / mourn turning 50 in Turkey(some would say very adapt). All this food - just as well I'm starting off thin and fit, this could all change.

Cheers Graham & Gill:cheer: