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Hello friends! My hubby and I have got a late but golden opportunity to go for a Boston to Montreal small ship cruise which starts on September 27. The itinerary provided by this north american river cruising company looks awesome. I would like to know if someone has actually been on this cruise in the recent past. If then can you share your experience? I have never been on a small cruise ship. Will it be a lot different? Sorry for asking too much questions, but we are very excited about getting this surprise opportunity. Hope someone could give some advice. Thanks!


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although I have been through most of the countryside in this cruise at one time or another I have not been through the river / canal system except for the 1000 Island stretch. The itinerary if quite something and doing it on a small boat will be very enjoyable. Always wished I could get this done. Enjoy.


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We are sort of doing it in July 2017...except ours is Montreal to Boston...and it is on a larger ship -- the HAL Maasdam...and ours is only 7 nights...AND, it goes around the "other way"--out the St. Lawrence and around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island....not through Upstate New York...
Come to think of it, aside from the same starting and ending points, ours is NOTHING like this!
Our ship is called Grand Caribe. What we have heard is that these ships with their smaller size could travel through places where bigger ships cannot access. Not sure about how much fact is in it though. :) I guess size shouldn't matter and we are going to enjoy the trip anyway.. :):)


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I forgot to mention I have seen the "Ship" (boat) it looks quite different now and then when it collapses its wheel house and upper structure to fit under some of the bridges on the canals. But If price has anything to do with the cruise/trip should be quite comfortable.:):canada:
I know the passing scenery and countryside will be worth it.
And Steve you are correct. Nothing much alike. lol

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Your cruise sounds wonderful.

We have only done the Maasdam cruises for Canada/New England -- Boston to Montreal and then back to Boston. We have done several other versions of this cruise -- out of Ft Lauderdale to Montreal and New York round trip for 10 days.