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Bow Cams on Radiance of the Seas?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by WCoastCdnCruisers, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Since we cannot find a bow cam on the Radiance on any site, can anyone tell me if you can watch the view from the bow as you sail on the TV in your cabin ? Thanks Laurey
  2. dldancer

    dldancer Guest

    Laurey, I don't know if they have one that's viewable while on board. However, it is my understanding that the only links we can get to webcams with any RCCL ship are the one's John has in the Cruise Cam Station. I hope they start putting more up soon. :grin
  3. Thanks, me too. Ian likes to turn the TV on first thing and see the view from the bridge - of course since we are in an inside cabin it helps him to feel like he has a window - :lol . Just wondering if Radiance has that available. Laurey
  4. Laurey,

    We have been on the Radiance 4 times. Yes, they have a bow camera channel that can be watched in your stateroom TV. Camera is located on the starboard side of the bridge pointing out over the bow.

    I think you are on the same cruise as my family. May 2nd San Diego to Vancouver.
  5. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    Hi just came back from the Radiance and we could not view the outside from the TV. We had an inside on the Millenium and enjoyed this each day so I am surprised that the RCI ships don't this feature. However the Radiance is such a beautiful ship you will not want to be in your room long. Enjoy.
  6. hmmm conflicting answers, good thing I only have 63 days till we find out. Yes Gordon I am looking forward to meeting you on May 2nd. I "infrequently" post on Cruise Critic but I have been following the thread. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Are you flying down early or taking RCI's air?
    Yes Wheels, you are so right, won't spend alot of time in our cabin and we are "frugal" Canadians and are saving our $ for a Med cruise next year - so inside is just fine with us. Laurey
  7. gordonritchie-are you on our list for this cruise? I know the WCoast CdnCruisers are.....

    We are all counting down!! Would like to look at the bow cams...the Brilliance had them. Since we are aft...and love San Diego...will be waving bye-bye!!! as we sail!

  8. Yes we are signed up on that "other site". We are the people that had RCI cancel our reservation because they lost our deposit.

  9. WCoastCdnCruisers,

    We are taking Amtrak down on April 29th. That gives us one free day in SD. Staying at Best Western near the Cruise Ship Terminal.

    Still looking through all the SD web sites for something to do on Saturday. Old Town, Balboa Park, Sea World, Fashion Valley Mall (My daughter wants to go there), too many places to go and not enough time. We have bought all day passes on the SD Trolley system to get around.

  10. Sounds like a great idea Gordon. That was a scary day you had waiting for your TA to figure out what happened to your deposit, glad it all turned out for the better! We would love to spend time in San Diego but work doesn't permit the extra time this go around. Slowly getting excited about our cruise with the Radiant Rascals Lou, looking forward to meeting you. Have "we" decided on a meeting place? Laurey
  11. Hey guys....suggestion worked out last time for us.....everyone who can meet at the Sky Bar on the top deck at 3 p.m......muster shouldn't be that early????? due to leaving I think at 6 p.m.....what you guys think...will post elsewhere when we can.

  12. Sounds like a plan Lou. Email me any info you think I should have. I have a monumental problem finding the Radiant Rascals thread every time I try on CC. Only 62 more days! Laurey

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