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Brilliance Cruisers

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by maria, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. maria

    maria Guest

    If you are interested in seeing pictures and reading about the Brilliance to go: http://psp.club.tip.nl/ We will be sailing her in the Med. on 6/29/03
  2. Vince

    Vince Guest


    We'll be taking over when you get off.
    We're booked for 07/11/03.

  3. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    Maria, we'll be sailing her before you, 3/7/03. We sailed the Radiance 4/2001 for her inaugural. We looking forward to the Brilliance. That class of ship is wonderful.

  4. Jackie D

    Jackie D Guest

    I'm a short timer- leaving 8/15
  5. wishin

    wishin Guest

    CruzTerri - I'm on right after you Mar. 17/03. She looks like a beautiful ship!
  6. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    Wishin - hubby and I sailed on the Radiance for her inaugural in April 2001, we really enjoyed the ship! Looking so forward to our cruise on the Brilliance. Watch for postings from the cruise. Got a GREAT digital camera now, I we'll be getting the in room internet!

  7. wishin

    wishin Guest

    Since I'm leaving for Miami the week before, I won't get to see your pics until I get home. But by then, maybe it will help with the withdrawal.

    Is anyone out there as excited as I am and doesn't know how they'll wait that long?
  8. Rick

    Rick Guest

    I'm booked on the Brilliance next March. I'm cheaping out and am currently booked in a category Q (lowest on the ship). Anyone ever been in these cabins? Should I pay more? I'm OK with inside as I rarely spend time in the cabin. Things that worry me most are noice and rooms that are much smaller than the norm.

  9. jeanie

    jeanie Guest

    Rick, we got a December BOS , E-1, balcony for the same price as an inside cabin rate. Watch for the rates to come down and you can probably get a better cabin.

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