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Bring a bottle of water on board? I bought a water package....

I take a medicine that makes my mouth super, super dry. I bring water with me wherever I go. I bought the bottled water package for this reason. We are leaving from Fort Lauderdale. I wanted to know if me bringing a bottle of water was going to be a problem?

Gayle V

Cruiser's Compass Editor
They probably will make you throw it away if it's been opened. At least on Carnival that's what they do. They made me throw out a nearly full bottle that I'd just purchased. They did the same for our friends. Supposedly, it was TSA rules, not specifically Carnival. It that was true info, then RCI will likely follow the same rule.
I have heard about and have seen people bringing cases of water on board, but why, just buy one of those water bottles with a filter in in, like Brita, and use the ships water. Sold at most stores like Target and Walmart
I usually bring a case of water with me and haven't had any problem checking it through with my luggage. Just put one of your luggage tags on it. The reason I don't bring a single bottle and refill it is finding a place that has a sink deep enough to put the bottle into to fill. The cabins sinks are too shallow, as are the common sinks in the common bathrooms. Buying the water package is also an option but it is far more expensive than bringing your own.
It is a TSA rule for airports but I've brought single open soda and water bottles onto RCI ships. If it is a large water bottle they may check to make sure I'm not smuggling vodka on but otherwise I haven't had a problem.