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Bring your own soda on Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by anivory, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. anivory

    anivory Guest

    Can you still bring your own case of soda on Princess?
  2. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    To the best of my knowlege, yes. But I recommend buying a soda sticker. Much easier, unless you dont plan to drink much pop.
  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Except that your soda choices are very limited. With the soda card one only gets either coke or diet coke and only from the bar where it often is flat or watered down. One can pay to get sodas in the can then they get the additional choices of regular or diet Sprite. I'd be tempted to bring my own soda on board because we don't like the choices Princess has. But it's not worth the effort to lug it on board only to use in your room. I'd feel funny using it on deck or in the dining room.

    BTW, we had the soda card last month on the Regal and we'll go back to the cans on our next cruise.
  4. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Just a secondary note: We are Pepsi drinkers, but often have to settle for Coke when we go out..... we all found the Coke onboard the Grand tasted fine. Yes, it comes from the bar but it was never flat and never watered down. (I have heard people who sailed on the older ships complain about the quality of the fountain drinks). When you are by the pool, it takes the same amount of time to have a waiter bring you a can of soda OR a glass of it. When you are in the dining room... same thing. Ditto for the buffet. Now, I can not comment on the selection, I just dont know. I guess it comes down to how much you will drink in a week and if you like Coke. Good luck!
  5. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    I was able to get several different sodas on the soda sticker on the Grand Princess in April. They had Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale and Tonic Water. Whatever they have in the soda "guns" are eligible for the soda sticker.
  6. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Now that you say that BurBunny, I went and asked my kids... one of them did in fact drink Sprite all week. So they must carry all the Coke products, at least on the Grand.
  7. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

  8. Kathy N

    Kathy N Guest

    Does anyone recall if they have diet Sprite as well as Diet Coke??? That's my personal favorite.
  9. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    I can't say for sure. I don't remember seeing it, but then, I wasn't looking for it.

  10. Did I read this correctly? You can present the soda card/sticker in the dining room for a fountain soda?
  11. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    You sure did! Anywhere that there is bar service (including dining rooms), your soda sticker will enable you to have a fountain soda without another additional charge.
  12. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    You do have to purchase the sticker which goes on your card. Then all you do is show it to a waiter or at a bar, and you get a soda!
  13. Emma

    Emma Guest

    Wonder how they know how many drinks you used on soda sticker? HAL Ryndam had punch card.
  14. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    It doesnt matter how many sodas you order, its unlimited.
  15. Emma

    Emma Guest

    I hope this is true on all Princess ships; especially the Tahitian Princess. My hubby will be in hog heaven. He is "frugal". Only drinks diet coke.
  16. Natalia

    Natalia Guest


    Im not sure if this card is available on that ship, call Princess and ask them. I think the cost was around $18.00 for a 7 day cruise.
  17. Emma

    Emma Guest

    Princess Rep at our travel agency promo said appx same cost. But I didn't think to ask if limited like HAL with punch card. Figured punch card; never thought about sticker.

    Know Tahiti area is expensive for everything. Will be interesting to what coke and wine cost on ship. Plan to make a "drink run" after we put luggage in cabin.
  18. contessa14

    contessa14 Guest

    Bar Bunny, Do they also have seltzer water?
  19. Bmrsmom

    Bmrsmom Guest

    Does the Diamond Princess have coke in your stateroom to purchase?
  20. captbill

    captbill Guest

    Emma Wrote:
    > I hope this is true on all Princess ships;
    > especially the Tahitian Princess. My hubby will
    > be in hog heaven. He is "frugal". Only drinks
    > diet coke.

    I purchased the sticker on the Tahitian Princess 2/27/04 cruise. Have fun!


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