Bring your own soda on Princess



But why oh why do they never have a decaffinated selection (cola that is). I don't do caffeine or diet and don't like Sprite. Whenever any venue (not just cruises) do have a decaf it will be diet! Woe is me!! LOL.


We brought our own soda and alcohol on the ship . It saved us a lot of money. We still did the bar hop and spent money on the ship, but it was nice to have 1-2 drinks a day from our room. The cost for a large drink of the day or beer was not bad on the ship, better than I expected! I just LOVE mango rum and most places do not have it! So I brought my own diet sprite and mango rum to make drinks. My husband brought coke and morgans. Our steward never said anything about us having our own stuff! IN FACT, she made sure to have larger than normal glasses in our room for us to make a larger drink!



I'm booked in a balcony cabin on the Baja deck next April -
I've been reading a lot about theCaribe deck and wonder
if I should try and change cabins? Any information would help.


The problem with buying a soda card is the they give you these tall, metalic beverage holders to carry which say "coke" on them, which you have to carry everywhere. It's really tacky for the nice restaurants. We are Pepsi drinkers and brought on four big plastic bottles of Pepsi, which worked out great and wasn't too much of an imposition to carry.


Soprrrano thats incorrect. I just returned a week ago. You dont even have to buy the holders although you can if you wish. You pay an extra $3 for them. You just ask for the sticker only at any bar. when you order yor soda they will ask if you have a sticker then you just flash your cruise card. You can get large glasses as well. the only drawback i found was that you are served your soda in a plastic tumbler no matter where you are. Now that is fine around the pools etc. But a couple we met who dont drink alchohol were very upset when they were given plastic glasses in the casino. And rightly so I think.


stufus Wrote:
> the
> only drawback i found was that you are served your
> soda in a plastic tumbler no matter where you are.

That may be an occurence peculiar to a specific ship. I always received regular glassware when using my sticker aboard the Tahitian Princess in February, and again on the Royal Princess just a couple of weeks ago.

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You can buy lots of sodas in ports. I noticed a lot of people had bought canned sodas in port and were allowed to board the ship with them. I also buy sodas in each port.
I am in the habit of carrying a princess sippy cup tumbler with coke and rum in it everywhere I go. I even take it with me to the dinner table. I like to buy small bottles of liquor too.


I bought a six pack of diet caffienne free pepsi in St Marten and carryed right on board. We purchased( through room service ) a bottle of rum( 22$) and made drinks in our cabin , and as I am affected by caffiene , I enjoyed a drink or two before or after dinner without worry. I never took my drinks( the ones we made) out of the cabin( I ordered a chocolate banana every day by the pool, yum) but hubby did take a rum and coke out to the pool area a few times. He just used the plastic tumbler the steward had provived us with.
We aren't actually cheap, we just like what we like, we do make bar purchases, and we did order our rum through the ship.. I also love diet Dr Pepper, and that is impossible to find almost anywhere except in cans.


Just got back from 10 days Western Caribbean on the Dawn Princess. My daughter and I bought the soda stickers primarily for the Diet Cokes and on day 5 we were informed that all but 2 of the bars had run out of Diet Coke! They informed us that we could either find the bars where it was available or they offered to sell us cans! They finally on loaded more soda in St Thomas, but took another day to get it into all the bars. Needless to say this was not one of our better cruises with Princess.


Yes..just got off Caribbean Princess..took my case of Diet Pepsi with well as DW's bottled can buy a coke card on board for about $22 if you like coke..I prefer Pepsi.