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Bringing alcohol on board

We have been on several cruises and always brought a bottle of rum back to our cabin at the first port. Was wondering if this was still possible with security upgrades???


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When you board they x-ray your belonging and will require you to check your bottle. You'll get it back at the end of the cruise.


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One had a problem 1x in the past 30 cruises on Celebrity where they took my two mini bottles and I got them back when we got back. Made the mistake of packing labeled bottles.
Other wise I put them in unlabeld water bottles, wrap them in a handcloth and then put them in a zip lock bag and pack them. So far so good. Also bring soda and water bottles which they've never taken.


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It not only depends on the cruise line, it also depends on whether the scanner is in a good mood or a bad one.

Disney Cruise Lines, for example, states on their web site, "Alcohol is permitted on board. However, any fragile items (including alcoholic beverages) must be hand-carried on board in the carry-on of an adult Guest – age 21 or older (dimensions can't exceed 22" wide, 14" high and 9" deep).

Alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public area.

Guests who arrive in the dining room, including Palo and Remy, with a bottle of champagne or wine will be charged a corking fee of $20.00 per bottle.

Please be advised: Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to remove fragile items (including beverages) from checked luggage. In such cases, items will be stored and returned at the end of the voyage. Beverage containers are considered fragile and have previously caused damage in checked luggage. All fragile items must be transported inside carry-on luggage."

Most of the other lines will confiscate bottles that show up when the luggage is scanned.

We just got back from the Caribbean Princess. We used the Rum-Runner Flasks and they worked fine!
So for Royal Caribbean, has anyone tried getting alcohol on board via carry-on bags? Do they usually search these? I was considering bringing some beer on, so I can't open the bottles and pour them in to something else.


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Carry on luggage goes through scanners during boarding process. Taking on beer in its original containers will probably get picked up, will be confiscated and returned to you on the last night of the cruise, actually a great way to have a cheap end of cruise party. Worst thing you can do is to pack glass bottles is checked luggage, which is also screened so cans would get picked up pretty easy. RCI and Carnival are the leaders when it comes to not allowing alcohol to be brought on board.