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Bringing alcohol on NCL

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Sandy, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    <HTML>I know the overall topic of cruise lines' policies regarding bringing alcohol on board is something that has been addressed on this board many times before; but after conducting several searches, I have found little info on NCL's policy.

    Does anyone know if it's o.k. to bring limited quantities of alcohol (e.g., bottle or two; or 12 pack of beer/soda) on an NCL ship in your carryon luggage. Also, will they allow you to bring your own wine to dinner and pay a corkage fee; if so, how is this handled w/freestyle dining (do you literally carry it to dinner w/you?).

    Also, does NCL have soda cards for the kids - and if so, what is the cost?

    Thanks in advance!!</HTML>
  2. sgrane

    sgrane Guest

    <HTML>Like every cruise line NCL's policy is no personal liquor onboard. But like every cruise line they do not enforce it as long as you don't take it into public areas. There is plenty of room in the Refrigerators on NCL ships for wine bottles etc. My wife and I always bring some Baileys and a bottle of Wine.

    As far as soda is concerned, I'm not sure how their policy on that is, but I can't see them having a fit over it, especially when they are not enforcing the liquor policy.

    Just can't imagine a ships officer walking up to you and saying "your room steward found non-NCL liquor in your cabin, I'm afraid we have to throw you overboard! Let's Go!" :)

    Have a great Cruise!</HTML>
  3. Beth & John

    Beth & John Guest

    <HTML>Sandy.....Not sure if this will help you out but I'll tell you what we do when cruising on NCL or any ship. We have a soft-side cooler with a hard-removable-liner & zipper close. We take along our own beer, soda & wine for our 'in room consumption'. We carefully pack any wine bottles with lots of bubble wrap, pack the cooler fairly tightly, zip it up & lock it with an electrical tie. Oh....and we make sure it has an address tag & a ships tag on it. We simply unload it along with our luggage at the curb, tip the porter & let it be sent to our room. We have never had any problem with doing it this way. Once we get to our cabin, we find our room steward. We slip him a nice tip & ask him to keep the cooler iced down daily.

    The only time we have had any problems with bringing liquids on board: We put it in our luggage & carried it on. It broke open....but luckily we had it in a ziplock baggie! LOL

    Hope this helps you out....
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    <HTML>Thanks a lot, Sgrane and Beth.

    Beth -- I really like your idea about the cooler... it's the best I've heard yet! I was asking this question for a friend who's sailing NCL to Bermuda in July; but I think I'll try your idea when my family and I sail on the Explorer in August. Again.. thanks!</HTML>
  5. pamda

    pamda Guest

    <HTML>Sorry to break it to you, sgrane, but it's NOT every cruise line's policy.

    Disney, in fact, says to put it in your carryon so there's no breakage. Of course, I doubt that liquor is one of their big profit centers as it might be on other lines.

    I actually have photos of people boarding a Carnival ship in Coz with obvious duty-free hooch purchased ashore. It was not confiscated.

    Like Beth, the only problem we've ever had was with breakage. I spent two hours in Hong Kong cleaning up the mess from a broken bottle of Drambuie. It was in the same bag as all the backup tapes from three computers. Even though it was in a zip-top bag, the glass shards destroyed the baggie.</HTML>
  6. rox52

    rox52 Guest

    <HTML>We've discreetly taken alcohol onboard at embarkation. But, have also had it confiscated when purchased in port. They took it from my backpack and returned it the night before debarkation. This has happened on NCL and Carnival. Guess I didn't hide it well enough!</HTML>
  7. bostongal

    bostongal Guest

    <HTML>Hi - My family and friends took the NCL Bermuda cruise last year and this is what I observed. If you had the liquor in your carry on bags NCL took it, put your name and cabin number on the bag and said that they would return to you at the end of the cruise. Our friends had packed vodka, cranberry and limes in their luggage and they got it on board with no trouble.</HTML>
  8. etq2000

    etq2000 Guest

    <HTML>I remember a Carnival cruise from about 3 years ago when Carnival security almost strip searched passengers coming back on board. They rudely confiscated the bottles amd made a mini-scene at the gangway.

    I couldn't believe that they would charge people thousands of dollars for the cruise and then be so petty re: the loss of a few bucks at their overpriced bars! My next cruises were not on Carnival.</HTML>
  9. LindaC

    LindaC Guest


    I've taken ten NCL cruises in the past dozen years and never encountered any difficulty bringing soft drinks on board in my carry on tote bag. Beer and hard liquor are another story--it's their policy to collect it and store it in a bonded room until the night before you debark. While many cruise lines publish the "no personal alcohol" policy, they are often lax in enforcing it. A lot depends on luck, IMHO.

    However, if you're creative, it's no problem to bring your own. We put alcohol in a couple plastic flasks that I purchased at the liquor store for 99 cents apiece. I put them in zip-loc bags and pack them in my carry on along with other bottles containing shampoo and hair spray, etc. I've never been questioned by NCL or any other cruise line security people about the flasks. Other people have reported that they put clear alcohol in a plastic water bottle or dark alcohol in a tinted plastic soft drink bottle.

  10. pamda

    pamda Guest

    <HTML>I guess it's hit and miss. We boarded Norwegian Dream in Dover with liquor purchased in the duty free shop at JFK. Totally obvious, no problem.

    We've boarded I don't know how many ships in San Juan with liquor purchased at the DFS ... again, totally obvious, no problem. Different cruise lines.

    We flew into Singapore with DFS purchases from JFK ... no problem with Customs, no problem with boarding the ship carrying it. But they did take my chewing gum.

    On the RSMC (Millenium) almost everyone in the group was "carrying" from the DFS at the terminal and nothing was confiscated that I heard about.

    ***Friends of Bill W will meet in the card room at 4:30.***</HTML>
  11. Eric

    Eric Guest

    <HTML>Was on the Sky in November and we had put our liquor , sodas and water bottle in our suitcase and when we got them in our cabin we gave our steward a nice tip and he got us some ice everday for our little daily drink.

    We even bought small plastic bikeing botlles and made our mix and brought them at the pool side and was never question by anyone. Of couse they thought we where drinking water from our water bottles. Just bu them in a dark color.

    Not a problem With NCL

    see ya
  12. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    <HTML>Thanks everyone for your comments (I love this board).

    In the meantime, I've done a little checking myself. NCL's customer service department told me that they have a "no personal liquor" policy; however, they do let you bring wine onboard for personal consumption in the dining room [w/freestyle dining, you simply walk into your restaurant of choice w/the wine under your arm... and give it to the maitre de(sp?)]. NCL charges a $10 corkage fee -- and if you don't finish the bottle, they'll save it for you [of course, w/freestyle dining, this means you'll have to return to the same restaurant later in the week].

    Also, regarding the soda cards -- they do have them; they're $16 for a week - NOTE: cards are only available to children 12 and under!!</HTML>
  13. steve

    steve Guest

    <HTML>was on the grand princess in feb.and brought a bottle of vodka puchased at
    at martin back on ship with no problem.</HTML>

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