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Bringing Alcohol onto Norway...

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by aanowako20, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    Is it possible to bring alcohol onto the S/S Norway, or do they not allow that. If they do not allow it, has anyone been able to sneak it on, or not? I know of people who have been able to get alcohol onto the RCCL ships, but I do not know if that was allowed or not, or if they just got away with it. Anyone who has any insight to this, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

    Aaron Nowakowski
    S/S Norway 08/2003
    Sovereign of The Seas 01/2003
    Monarch of The Seas 06/2002
  2. jeffkoz

    jeffkoz Guest

    I recently read on another board that someone "smuggled" in liquor by transferring it to water bottles (if your liqour is nt clear, this might pose a problem).

    *does not condone or solicit illegal activity - only passes on information read from another board :)
  3. PEB

    PEB Guest

    When I was on the Norway over New Years, I did see them confiscate alcohol from people bringing it on in their carry on bags. There was also a notice in our room when we boarded that if they had found anything in the luggage you sent through in their xray machines they would contact you and you would go to a different area while they searched your luggage and you watched. It said if they found alcohol it would be confiscated and returned at the end of the cruise.

    I do not drink so this was of no problem or worry to me. I had talked to some people who had their alcohol taken away. In other words they may not find it all but they are looking and if they find it you lose it for the trip.
  4. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    Thanks for your responses... anyone else with more information, please let me know. Thanks.
  5. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

  6. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

  7. paljoeysmom

    paljoeysmom Guest

    Hey Aaron,

    I have heard on other boards that people were able to bring on board, and then others say it was taken away unti the end of the cruise. For the straight scoop call NCL DIRECTLY at 800-327-7030. Hope you enjoy the Norway. I have been on it twice. It's always a good time. Bon Voyage and Happy Cruising.

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