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Broken zipper on luggage

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Verna, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Verna

    Verna Guest

    Maybe someone can help me, one of the zippers on the our large suitcase came off it's track. Will a shoe repair place be able to get it back on track? Hate to buy now luggage..........

  2. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Have you tried to get it back in its track? Most of the newer luggage has self-correcting zippers.

    I, personally, use hard-sided luggage with combination locks. I got in trouble here once for pointing out that zippered/soft sided luggage can be opened rather easily by a thief, not to mention that it can be damaged quite easily by the 'gorillas' handling it. :(

  3. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    I had the same thing happen--luggage zipper broke. Really, it sort of "shredded" in one spot and the little teeth tore loose.

    I took the suitcase to the luggage store at the mall for repair. They said their repair people could replace the entire zipper for about $35. I don't think a shoe repair shop could do that.
  4. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Shipmaven not trying to start an argument and I mean no offense but hard sided luggage with a combonation lock is also very easy to get into. If someone wants in a suitcase bad enough it only takes a matter of seconds regardless of what type luggage or what type lock it has.
  5. Verna

    Verna Guest

    Now why didn't I think of that, duct tape!!!!!!! Want to thank all who gave me good advice, think I will take it to the luggage place after seeing if I can repair it myself........
  6. rocster

    rocster Guest

    Barry, you read my mind, I was going to post that from work when someone interrupted me. Then I forgot to post it.
  7. CarolynB

    CarolynB Guest

    As far as locks and zippers goes, a grand man (my father) , once told me a lock only keeps out an honest person.
  8. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Yup Duct tape came to mind here immediately also. :grin

  9. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    I am with your original ideal. We just got back from Disney World and the zipper busted on our duffel bag luggage. Took it to our local shoe repair shop and he fixed it for free!
  10. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    LOL! Well, duct tape is what I used when my suitcase zipper broke. I got it home, but decided to get it fixed instead of taping it again :)
  11. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    PEB - no disagreement at all with what you point out. It's just a bit more difficult to get into hard-sided luggage for someone who wants to hit-and-run. Unfortunately, anyone intent on stealing, or breaking into, luggage will probably manage to do so. :(

  12. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Another reason for hardsided luggage is that if the airlines destroy or ruin it, they won't repair it. Found that fact out with a brand new softside Samsonite upright on a United flight a few years ago. Had never used it prior to that flight. Got off the plane in Chicago and all the zipper pulls were torn off making it impossible to open the zipper without a pair of pliers. You couldn't even attach a new pull as they loop to hook it to was also destroyed. I was then informed by the agent that they do not repair softsided luggage. I was given a $25.00 off certificate for a future flight.

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  13. Ali

    Ali Guest

    If the airlines destroy or ruin the softsided luggage, they won't repair it...duh!!
  14. Rufus

    Rufus Guest

    Duct Tape is the answer to everything for sure......and yes, locks are for gentlemen......and yes they are gorillas handling the luggage. We live in Canada and as well as travelling on our anticipated cruises every year, I also travel on business and the debate rages - to buy soft sided or hard luggage.....The answer came when I saw how expensive the hard sided luggage was. You could buy many soft sided pieces of luggage for the price of one hard sided one. And, being fickle from time to time, I like a change of colour once in a while, so this allows for that too. Have you ever noticed how many black bags go buy on the conveyor? How to identify them.......duct tape of course! Seriously though, a shoe repair place would be the best place to get your luggage zippers fixed properly.
  15. SandyBeach

    SandyBeach Guest

    Our kids had a hard sided piece of luggage they planned on taking to China with them.
    Several months before their visit to China they came and visited us in Oklahoma. The corner of the suitcase cracked. Here the agent said that it didn't affect the integrity of the suitcase so they weren't going to replace it. However, he tried again once he returned to Tampa and they sent him a brand new suitcase.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like another "depends on which person you get" issue.

    I can't tell you how many zipper pulls we've lost on luggage...or how many pieces of (thankfully) cheap luggage we have in the attic with frayed zippers....I've learned there are certain places on the luggage that the main zipper pulls are safest. One cruise
    I duct taped my zipper pulls and their attached locks to keep them from breaking off that worked well...but for security purposes they didn't care for the idea.
  16. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    Wow! Delta has repaired our soft-side luggage numerous times. They've replaced wheels and handles and even fixed a handle assembly that they "jammed" somehow!!! Their customer service is great when it comes to luggage.

    The zipper "blow out" that I experienced was the result of many years of use... but NCL's pursers desk on the Norwegian Star came to my rescue with DUCT TAPE so I could secure the piece in order to get it home :)

    BTW, before giving me the duct tape, the purser offered to have their on board tailor try to fix my suitcase zipper. NICE offer! I knew they couldn't repair it, though, so borrowed the tape.
  17. Barbarak

    Barbarak Guest

    CruiseDiva they have also repaired one of our cases when we arrived back in Charleston(softsided) and also a large case of my nieces not so long ago when she flew in Las Vegas :eek:)

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