Buck Is at Rainbow Bridge


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Oh Denise, how very sad. I know how well loved he was by you and your family. Prayers that he is romping with all of the other furbabies and that his memory will bring you comfort. How sad that this had to happen on your birthday. My deepest condolences.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. Having been there a few times, I know that right now your heart is broken but now Buck is free from all that pained him.


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Denise - my heart sank when I saw the thread, and I'm in tears. I am so sorry. Please accept my sincerest condolences. I know my Topaz was there to welcome your beloved Buck.

Mary Ann


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As tears:bawl: roll down my cheeks I can't tell you how sorry I am. Having lost both Sweetie Pie and Josie in the past 7 months I can so relate but know they are there waiting to welcome him and play. Hugs from here.


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Denise, I am so sad to read this. Just from reading about him over the years, I feel I knew Buck as the gentle dog he was. You have gone above and beyond with care for him, especially in these last months with his illness.

I know you will miss him so much, and it is never easy. You truly did all you could....

Hugs for you Denise, I know this is a very difficult day....God bless


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Before I saw this,I saw your post on your birthday thread and sent you a PM. I am SO SORRY, Denise. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks. I, too,felt like I knew Buck from all your posts. You were a "good mommy" to let Buck go...and now all our very special Cruise @ddict friend's furbabies are welcoming Buck over the Rainbow Bridge and I'll bet Buck is standing a round of frozen thingy's for all to celebrate your birthday. ;) HUGS


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buck over the rainbow bridge

HUGS I am so sorry to hear the buck went over the rainbor birdge I am sure madison and buddy were there to meet him with open arms


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Oh Denise, I'm soo verry sorry! I know how it feels to lose a furry part of the family! {{{{HUGS}}}}}.



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Nieciez, I'am so very sorry to hear about Buck. I knew you were taking him in, but didn't know he was so sick.
Good thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.


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Oh Denise I was so sad this morning when I read this. It was a rough day for you yesterday I'm sure - unfortunately a birthday you'll remember.

Hugs and Prayers for you and your family.



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Nieciez, Leatherneck and family. I am so sorry for your loss of Buck. I know how much you loved him. My wish for each of you is that soon you will be able to rejoice in the memories that you have in your heart of all of the wonderful time you had with Buck. (((HUGS)))

connie seabee

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Denise, I am so very sorry, there are no words to express what you are going through...My Lexie will be waiting to great Buck.