Buck Is at Rainbow Bridge


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I was dreading coming to the Safe Harbour today because I knew I would have to read this. :bawl:
Buck knew how much you loved him and he also knew that you would do what is best for him too.


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Thank you all for your posts of condolence. I've been going through all my digital photo albums and culling out photos of Buck to save in a special folder....it has been therapeutic for me. And it seems like Georgie and Louie are giving me extra loving.....


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Hoping today is not too hard for you,you have guts going thru all his photos,again so sorry for your great lost,love the album of photos on facebook especially the close up one of him,hugs again from John as well.When you called yesterday he didnt know it was you Denise,he would of added his best wishes to you as well.


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I am so sad to hear this news. I know he was a cherished member of your family...and will always be with you. My condolences to you all.

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Oh ((Denise)), I was awfully sorry to hear about Buck. I still miss my dear old Cassie, so I've been there before, like so many of the others. After all this time, you'd think the tears wouldn't flow anymore, but they do. And now they fall, for your dear Buck too. You have my sympathy.


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Awww Denise...I am so saddened to read this. I know you will feel your heart is broken for a long while to come. Many hugs being sent your way!


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:( I know I am late on this, but you have my heartfelt simpathies. I am sure Pepper was there to greet Buck. Hugs to you and Leatherneck. . . . .


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I'm also getting in a little late on this (haven't been able to get to the boards in the last few days). I'm so sorry and I know how hard it was, and is for you. But Buck is in a better place now and I know my beloved Gizmo was there to meet him. Gizmo always did love to run and play with big dogs and now he has Buck there to play with him.


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Thanks everyone for your notes...and yes Tobyn, I am sure Pepper was there to great her younger though larger "brother".

I got the sweetest card from the Vet clinc, all three Dr's and the staff signed and left notes...and the one by Dr Amy who was Buck's Dr was very moving.


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Denise, I'm so sorry to hear about Buck. I feel comfort in knowing Smokey has a new buddy to play with, because it's so hard for us to lose our fur kids, and I hope your other babies give you extra loving to help you deal with your sorrow.

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Denise I just caught up to this..our thoughts and prayers as you all deal with your loss, may all the wonderful times make it easier...hugs and Love, Joanne and Mark


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Another voice checking in late here ....

Denise, Bill, we are so sorry for your loss. It's always harder when it's an "innocent", as all our furbabies are ....


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OMG, what sad, sad news. I do know the pain and it is intense. You were a wonderful and loving family for Buck...all the way until the end. God bless all of you, including Buck at Rainbow Bridge with our Buttons.


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Denise, I'm playing "catch-up" on my reading after being gone for 2-weeks and was very saddend to hear of this. I knew before I left you & Bill were treating "Buck" for his illness andit was a day-to-day-prognosis. You took great care of "Buck" while he was alive and have done the best thing for him in the end. My thought's & prayer's are with you and your entire family at this time. Please remember the great times, he'll alway's be alive in your thought's & heart.