"Bump" cabins on AOS



Hi. We were looking for a Jr. suite cabin on the "Adventure of the Seas" and several of them are on the "bump". Is there an advantage to getting one of these cabins? Is the balcony smaller or less private?

Also, they are close to the elevator. Is it noisier there?

Here are the available cabins for our cruise:

9618 - middle of bump
9318 - "
9324 - start of "bump"
9308 - right before bump
9268 - mid ship

If anyone has had any of these cabins & I would appreciate any feedback.



I have stayed in cabin 9628 and the balcony didn't seem any bigger than the other Cat. C's (JR Suites) that I stayed in. Never heard any elevator noise either and I normally sail during the summer months and Christmas when there are a lot of kids onboard and never heard anything coming from the halls. As far as advantages, the only one would be how close they are to the elevators and easy access to the dining rooms below.

Edited to add that if you can get an aft balcony cabin, those balconies are huge in comparison to any others on the ship. If there is an aft available try and grab it.

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