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buying cruise line air???

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by cmitch9999, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. cmitch9999

    cmitch9999 Guest

    we are booked for the Thanksgiving sailing on the Radiance of the Seas. Need air for 5 from Baltimore, have checked BWI and also Dulles, National, fares are running mid 300pp or so.. cruise air with transfers is $349pp... I have never used cruise air before and worry about making the trip down in time to get on the ship. Please share your experiences with getting air thru the cruise line,

    Much Thanks
    Chris Mitchell
  2. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    That is why I book my own air. Cheaper AND you don't have to meet their flight schedules which at times can be quite tight depending on the airport. The only pro is a possible shuttle ride from the airport to the ship but I use a taxi and usually get there a lot faster and again cheaper.
  3. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Yep, that's exactly why I always book my own air. If you take the cruiselines air you are stuck with the flights that they put you on unless you pay the deviation fee which doesn't always work.

    The taxi's from the airport to the pier are usually alot cheaper than the cruiselines transfers. Can you leave the day prior to sailing? If so, go down a day early to insure making the ship on time. Also makes for a wonderful first day on the ship as you are well rested.

    Good Luck with your planning!

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  4. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    We took the cruiselines Airfare on our last 2 cruises. NEVER again. We had terrible flight times. Was hearded onto buses to be transferred to the ship(after waiting forever to fill the bus) By the time we were onboard we were truly exhausted. The price we paid was ALOT more than booking our own Air and staying in a hotel the night before. I am sure it will be a much nicer trip this time :) . Whatever you decide have a wonderful vacation.... Stephanie :)
    :USA :AZ
  5. kkorman

    kkorman Guest

    On the pro sid eis they know where you are and when you will be there. They will pay for you to catch up to the ship should something happen. I would only consider cruise line airfare if you are flying the same day as departure, otherwaise go with the cheaper. Have you tried AirTran?
  6. Kayrv

    Kayrv Guest

    We also are trying to decide whether to use cruise air or not. They are running such a great deal on the one we are interested in that I hate not to use it. Can we still go a day early if we choose the cruise air and if so, do we pay a fee for that?
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    If you choose to use the air/sea arrangements with the cruise line and wish to leave a day earlier you would have to do a deviation which I know RCI charges for. You could pick the airline and flights that you would prefer. Also be aware that if changing flights would increase the airfare costs you would have to pay the increase.

    I tried to use a deviation once with RCI. Paid the deviation fee and the increase in the airfare. My tickets were issued on AA through RCI but when I received my docs, my AA flights were switched to US AIR and I had two stops going down and one stop coming home. Wasn't what I had paid for, nor what I wanted. Ended up going through a supervisior at RCI to get it changed back to my original nonstop flights as the air/sea department was clueless as to what had happened.
  8. Kayrv

    Kayrv Guest

    Sounds like a lot of trouble, wouldn't you say?
  9. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Kayrv wrote:

    > Sounds like a lot of trouble, wouldn't you say?

    Exactly and that's why I will never use the cruise lines air unless it's an open jaw ticket. Going down the day prior to sailing is just so much more relaxing when you finally board the ship. You're so rested while everyone else was up at the crack of dawn catching flights to the port.

    Good Luck with your search too Kayrv!
  10. Cwusinbunny

    Cwusinbunny Guest

    we always book our own air - average price now boston to miami is 237 - cruise line prince: 359...we like going down the day before so we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn ..... who knows where prices will be for thanksgiving, BUT, there is plenty of time for the airfare to drop!
  11. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    We always buy our own air and fly down the day before. The first cruise we took we used the cruise lines air, we felt like herded animals. Now we book our own we usually get non-stop at almost half of the cruise lines price from Hartford to FLL. You really might want to think about going the day before. You have the day to rest up , swim, sleep ,whatever you want. Next a.m. you get up relaxed have breakfast or coffee etc. then around 10 a.m. 10:30 start over to the pier be among the first in line at the pier. You are onboard the ship around 11:00-12:00 depending on when the ship is cleared. All relaxed and ready to go. Just sit back, have a frozen thingee and watch the bus loads come in :thumb

    Laurie :wave
  12. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    I am doing just what Laurie stated. I want to watch the others boarding. I was in that herd twice before and wondered how they all got on so quick. Thanks to the great info. here I now know.... :) Stephanie
    :USA :AZ
  13. rfische1

    rfische1 Guest

    I'm new to this board. Just booked my first cruise ever. My wife and I will be celebrating our 15th with our son and best friend this fall. We'll be sailing the Voyager Oct 12 and are looking forward to it.

    Regarding air, we booked RCL's air for one good reason. Most flights out of Portland, ME are fairly expensive. When I compared what I would pay through Expedia vs RCL, RCL was actually cheaper. And Expedia did not even include ground transportation in Miami. I could have saved by going through Boston, about 100 miles of roads and headaches.

    Portland Maine
    Voyager of the Seas 10/12/03
  14. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    I have always saved $$$ booking my own air...Usually I go a day before and with the cost of the hotel its still cheaper.:AL:USA
  15. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    >I'm new to this board. Just booked my first cruise ever. My wife and I will be celebrating our 15th with our son and best friend this fall. We'll be sailing the Voyager Oct 12 and are looking forward to it.


    Itinerary Total - US$ 1504.00 Flight Fare Rules

    2 adults at US$ 376.00 each and 2 companions at US$ 376.00 each

    6:45am Depart Portland, ME (PWM)
    11:44am Arrive Miami, FL (MIA) Oct. 12

    US Airways flight 1233 / 559 Connection in Pittsburgh, PA View rules

    11:50am Depart Miami, FL (MIA)
    4:54pm Arrive Portland, ME (PWM) Oct. 19

    US Airways flight 530 / 1590 Connection in Philadelphia, PA

    Post Edited (04-21-03 01:10)
  16. rfische1

    rfische1 Guest


    The air/ground transportation portion of my cruise came out to about $75 per passenger than what you quoted. Portland is not a cheap airport to fly in/out of.
  17. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    More than or less than?

    A taxi would cost you about $20 from MIA to the Pier for all 4 of you.

    I consistanly get quotes of about $350 per person from GSO to FLL when I can get the same flights, at my schedule, for $200 each from US air online.
  18. jimbulger

    jimbulger Guest

    Never never never do cruiseline air for a domestic cruise (ie leaving from The states)

    you can always do better yourself and pick your arrival time

    now for san juan....i would look at what the cruise line has to offer...depending how far in advance you book

    we always pick our cruise one year in advance... the airline do flights 330 days in advance i bought the air to san jaun through the cruise company and ended up with a cheaper flight.......but that is the ONLY time it worked
  19. Desertbelle

    Desertbelle Guest

    You all are making me a little nervous. We booked cruise air for our cruise on the Legend of the Seas to Hawaii......it was a free air deal, so was really hard to turn down.
    In fact the air is from Los Angeles (about a 4 hours drive for us...the plan is to go down day before or drive down that morning if the flight doesn't leave too early) to SanDiego to Ensenada...and returning from Honolulu. I think it would have been a difficult flight to plan myself.

    I hope it's not too bad.
  20. rfische1

    rfische1 Guest

    Sorry about the typo, Searcher. The cost for the times convenient for the cruise came out to about 75.00 less per seat on the airline. As I said, Portland, ME is not a cheap airport to fly in or out. We usually end up using Manchester, NH or Boston, both about 1 1/2 to 2 hours driving time. When I asked our TA about cost from Boston, he said the fair was only $10.00 less through RCL. I confirmed this myself on their site.


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