buying cruise line air???



Hi Dessertbelle,

We are taking the Vision of the Seas to Hawaii in May, but no air supplied. I had to spend quite a bit of effort toarrange our transport to Ensanada and back to Orange county CA. We are taking an Amtrak train from Anaheim to San Diego to catch the RCI transfer to Ensanada, the train is very cheap but the transfer to the ship is quite expensive. We didn't want to take any chances with the border crossing and transport to Ensanada so we bought the RCI transfer. Found that most air carriers charge as much for a one way trip from Hawaii as a round trip, but was able to get a very reasonable fare on Aloha airlines at half the round trip fare. Aloha also uses a number of regional airports that makes it much easier to get home after the flight.

You are very fortunate to get the air inclusive cruise fare, and you have no concerns about making connections. The Legend is a great ship and you should really enjoy your trip.



When I booked my cruise, I bought the air with the cruise. Then after reading the boards of tight flight schedules and stuff, I got nervous and started checking flights. They were charging me $279 pp for Hartford to Ft. Lauderdale. I found a round trip flight for $140 pp. Plus there were great flights to choose from (times) with NO stops. I called and canceled the air portion of the cruise package and will book the flight myself! The credit for the airfare showed up on my next statement too! :]



That's a great savings, Linda. Most times it is beneficial to book your own air. Glad that you had found the information about doing your own air and were able to get such a wonderful deal and flight times.