Buying Prescription Meds in Cozumel



Our cruise will make a stop in Cozumel. Last time we were there, I was amazed at the low prices they charged for what looked to be US quality prescription meds, (You could go into a mini mart and buy Viagra like they were Tic-Tacs). While I don’t need Viagra, I am on some medicine, which is $200 a month, so I was hoping to pick some up while I was in Cozumel. Is this a bad idea? Is there any difference beyond price? Do I need to take my prescription? Will I run into any trouble when I reenter the US. or hop on an plane to come home. While I would like to save some $$ on medicine I would prefer not land my butt in a Mexican prison. Any advice is welcome

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Hello There! I will not be very helpful, as I don't know the rules and regs of customs and what not, but I, personally, would NEVER buy anything like that in a foreign country, unless maybe it was filled at a pharmacy, but I don't know how their rules are down there for that kind of thing. If I were you I would tell my doctor that I was thinking about moving to Mexico, and ask him or her how you would go about getting your important meds while you were living there. If your doctor tells you to just go to any local drug store and get them, then you might be ok. My guess is the doctor would not tell you this! Good luck with whatever you decide!


Post this ? on the community board. There are several people who have done it and know something about it. I think they said that the meds actually come blister packed from the USA. But I am not sure so if you post this on the community board you should get more answers.

Madame Sharon

I live in AZ and buy drugs in Mexico all the time. I also bought them in Cozumel when I was there. You need your prescription for certain drugs and others (controlled) are not available. You can buy all kinds of medications over the counter. This is not illegal, and you will not be stopped at customs. Some pharmacies actually have doctors on staff who will write your prescripion so you can purchase medications. Believe me, when I took the Mexican Riviera cruise, some of the most popular attractions in port were the farmacias! Heck, in Phoenix, we have bus tours originating in Scottsdale and going to Mexico on pharmacy runs. They are famously popular!


I checked this out with U. S. Immigrations (you can e mail them questions on their website) and they said it was legal to bring back a certain amount (forget how much). Just go to their website and check it out. It's legal.


I have bought meds in cozumel off a cruise ship--amoxicillin,etc. The only problem I found was that the writing, ie instructions were in spanish and I don't speak spanish. I don't know if all are that way. The pharmacies close to the port do not seem like a good deal--suspect they are for tourists. I like emmy is yummy's suggestion about pretending you're moving to Mexico and asking the doctor about medication acquisition. As for getting in trouble, I just stuck the meds in my camera bag along with my money, sunglasses, etc and never had any trouble. If you're worried about it, take a small bad inside a larger one and empty the meds into the small one and throw the box away--I don't think they will bother questioning that--not sure if you're comfy with this and you can probably come up with some ideas of your own--it's not illegal for Americans to buy meds in Mexico. Good Luck!!