C@ddict banner


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I like it. Getting a nice collection ....

How about having the "Will work for cruise" guy walking the beach?

Gayle V

Cruiser's Compass Editor
Ooh, yes, I really like this one too. Much better than the one with the dock. But I also agree that the ribbon color is wrong. Maybe play with different colors for the ribbon and see if something else looks better.


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I agree with the rest. I don't like the ribbon colour either, maybe a deep aqua or turquoise would be suitable for a beach scene. :smile:


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KK - it is the Brown ribbon that says Cruise @ddicts.

Some of us don't like the ribbon period. And some don't like the color - brown - on the ribbon.


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I suggest: Take the C@ sun, palm trees and brown banner and move it to the far left. Remove the banner, and then, take the sign over by the lounge chairs, that says "Cruise News and Community" and move it over underneath the C@ sun...and above the word Cruise...adding in Cruise @ddicts. JMO :smile:


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Thank you for the feedback. We had been waiting to hear everyones thoughts. This one is one of our favorites. It is still a work in progress but, you can see things have come a long way.


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KK - I think that is the problem. Someone else had this problem the other day and needed to Refresh their screen to see what we were seeing.

Gramma Ann

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KK, I was stumped also. I was seeing the one you were seeing. I did hit the refresh key, and it changed to the beach one.

I've liked them all to be honest. It was fun to login and see a different banner.