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Keep up the good work, bOB. :smile:

Hey - any chance the banner/ribbon can be turned into a cruise ship, with the C@ sun and palm trees set in the middle of it, and all of it set out to sea?

Leave the island, chairs, tree & sign where they are.

Just another thought. Dangerous, I know! :whistle:
Probably not............ :nix:

we have to maintain some semblance of the registered logo.


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For those having problems seeing the new banners when we change them, you are probably also missing a lot of other changes as well. Main reason for this is that most all browsers in their quest to be the fastest on earth use what is called a caching process. In short what this does is everytime you visit a site, any graphics that are visible are copied and stored in a cache, or file, then when you visit that site again, your browser checks the cache first which takes micro seconds, if the image is there it loads it, if it is not in the cache then the browser downloads it from the site, which takes mega seconds. For sites that you browse regularly this can shave literally minutes off your total browsing time (and make us look good). Problem is when a site changes an image but keeps the same file name, your browser goes to the cache first, finds the file name and opens the OLD image.
If you want to go through the trouble, the answer is in changing a few settings in your browser.

For those using Internet Explorer, you start by clicking on tools in the navagation tool bar, then select internet options. Make the changes in the Settings Panel and save your selection.

For those using Firefox, :doubleup: you start the same, by clicking on tools then options. You can then select the depth to which you extend your privacy. Save your settings and then everytime you open the browser it loads the latest images.

Down side to this on both browsers is that they will run a touch slower, since they have to now get all of the graphics fresh every time.
And you can always manually clear your cache when ever you feel you need to get a fresh look at a site.


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Yes, this latest one is nice. It is bigger and makes me think...Caribbean!! :sunny:
Keep up the good work, bOB...you are doing a fine job! :doubleup:


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To me....this logo looks huge...overpowering the banner as a whole...maybe that's what you're going for though! The ribbon under the sunny face looks like balsa wood and I don't care for that...just old grumpy again :smile:

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:doubleup:we like the "balsa wood" the chairs, the scene, and the the logo..just our .02....:biggrin:..thanks for the share....Joanne and Mark...


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I think they're all nice, and definitely a heck of lot better than the ones I have the ability to create on a computer.


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I like 'em. I find myself taking a couple extra moments to check out the banner when I log in. I suppose that means that I'm also seeing any advertisements on the page, and I really don't have a problem with that.

Keep doin' what you're doin' ... Thanks!


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I think it looks great........like Donna, the thought of driftwood came to mind. I like the look of the wood grain with the BLUE font. If people don't like the 'ribbon' (I do) what about a ragged piece of wood, like on the sign to the right?

You are never going to make everyone happy ..... that has long ago been learned with other changes. I think it's a great job that needs no further work.........KUDOS bOB!!!!!!


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Kudos bOB, this is my fav so far....only thing I would do is get the cruise addict sun out from behind the patm trees and have it on the left in the sky shining down on the beach.....but that is JMHO. Either way I got my chair all set! :doubleup:​
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It's great that most all like the new header for the site,:thumbup: because John likes it and that means that it is the new header for the site.

There might be a little tweaking of it as time goes but for the most part this is the one we really want to zero in on, thanks for all the input, some ideas have been implemented, some are still on the drawing board for tweaking sessions............

:thankyou:And a special thanks to BSeabob who came up with our new slogan which will be a part of the logo from now on. We've dreamed and discovered for 10 years, time to get down to cruising.

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I like this latest one.. but I am still not a fan of the greens around the sun face :) as I told john.. "not that you give a rats butt about my opinion".... :biggrin: