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Cabanas on Half Moon Cay

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by TexasAg94, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. TexasAg94

    TexasAg94 Guest

    We are considering renting a cabana at Half Moon Cay. When I called Guest Services, I was told that HMC only has 6 cabanas (one of each color). I guess I (wrongly, evidently) assumed that there were multiple cabanas within each color zone. We will have my 86 y.o. grandmother with us and I am concerned about a long walk for her -- to get to the cabana or to get to restrooms. With that in mind, should we go with orange instead of pink? Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to rent a "clamshell" on HMC? We are mainly interested in sun protection while there -- again with my gmother in mind.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. sage

    sage Guest

    If I am not mistaken, they have a sand wheelchair that can be used to get your Grandmother to the beach. A member of our party used one last December to get to the Cabana.
  3. jlof

    jlof Guest

    There is also a little tram that gets you close. Cabanas--from first to most distant--are blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow and green.
  4. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Yes, you can rent a clamshell. On our recent Zaandam cruise, it wasn't possible to rent a claimshell ahead of time. Anyone who wanted one went to the yellow building on the beach (fairly close to the tender pier) to rent one. The clamshells were all pretty close to the yellow building.
  5. hbogart

    hbogart Guest

    Sad, clamshells were free are recently as last October... but we definitely saw the sand wheekchairs.
  6. BelleV

    BelleV Guest

    In our experience Cabanas at Half Moon Cay are for Suite guests only - they are few in number and (as balcony cabin occupants) we'd heard nothing. Tablemates, Suite category, invited us to join them on the Half Moon day - believe me, it can be a long hot hike to reach the Cabana - all very nice but, I believe, they cost more than a couple of bucks!
  7. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Cabanas are for all, not only Suite guests. They run $179.00. Happy Cruising!!
  8. Dee

    Dee Guest

    The cabanas are for all guests, that's true... but the price for the Basic cabana set up is $179.00. The price for the Basic cabana set up Plus the full food and beverage and butler service is $449.
  9. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Dee: That 8 or so hours for a full food and beverage, and butler service is almost the cost of a 7 day HAL cruise. Hard to believe that someone would get their moneys worth. Not my cup of tea. However, many people think it is a bargain. Happy Cruising!!
  10. Dee

    Dee Guest

    asctony: It's not even eight hours... it's more like five or six hours. (Sure wouldn't object to it being eight hours though!)

    Well, it's not exactly the cost of a HAL cruise...I suppose it depends on what accomodations someone is booking. Perhaps you mean the cost of an inside stateroom...in which case, you are correct, it is almost the cost of a cruise. :)

    Hubby and I have a cabana reserved with the butler service for our 4/10 cruise. We have invited two acquaintances of ours to join us, since there is only the two of us. But I believe four people can get their money's worth out of it.

    We don't think the price is a "bargin" but we want it, so we are willing to pay for it. :)

    Take care, and happy cruises to you as well!
  11. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Dee: Yes, it is almost the cost of an inside stateroom. Enjoy the cabana. Happy Cruising!!
  12. cjb

    cjb Guest

    The clamshells rent for $9 for the day on HMC, accommodate 2 easily, and you can most definitely order ahead of time on the ship. It is listed on the 'menu' of available things to order for HMC on the shore excursion sheet.

    The day we were there the weather was windy and cool for part of the day, and the water was quite cool, so we could have done without the clamshell. However, it will only be getting warmer, I'm sure. We were there on March 14th.

    BTW, TexasAg94, my hubby is ATM '74. :eek:)

    Post Edited (03-21-04 13:28)
  13. TexasAg94

    TexasAg94 Guest

    Small world. Tell him I said "howdy."

    Gig 'em!
  14. lougee1043

    lougee1043 Guest

    was just there --blue is closest to everything followed by orange --as posted there are sand wheel chairs and you can get a ride to within 30 ft of your cabana
  15. As for the cost of the Cabana almost being the cost of a 7 day HAL cruise. If you were on board march 14-21 and were lucky enough to be able to stay another week, then it would be less for the cruise- inside 199 p/p and outside 299 p/p offered on day three of our cruise and with 72 hours to make up your mind. Very good deal!!
  16. jlof

    jlof Guest

    The orange will be more convenient and is new. That should be your best bet. We just had pink and it was great but pretty far down the beach and a long walk to the restroom.
  17. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    It's been a few months since we had our Cabana, but we were transported from the checkin area at the tender dock to the Cabana. I would think with the prices they are charging for the Cabanas they could provide transportation to those that need it.

  18. cjb

    cjb Guest

    I would think for the cost of a cabana w/ butler that they would carry you to your cabana door on one of those things a sheik is carried on. And transport you to the restroom the same way every time you or anyone in your party needed to go!

  19. sage

    sage Guest

    When I last sailed, the cabanas were rented aboard ship and not from ship services, so when is the best time to call to reserve one? I would imagine of course this is arranged after final payment has been made.
  20. jlof

    jlof Guest

    You can call anytime after final payment.

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