Cabin choice on Infinity?



CC class cabin. Have narrowed to Deck 7 or 8 Aft cabins, or 6144/6143. The deck 6 cabins and balconies look larger, ( very comparable to the aft cabins on deck 7 and 8), but are near the back but facing out the side, either on the left or the right. For viewing in ports or cruising the inside passage and tracy arm, which would be better?


First the Starboard or Port ? To me I don't think it makes much difference. Inside passage will go by on both sides. When docked I think the Starboard side is on the dock more often. So what do you went to look at dock and town or water and boats etc. At the glacier depends on ice near shore on which side spends more time but generally (all the ships but one) that we have been on the captain turns slowly to starboard and then exits so Port side would be best.
But of course the best views are from the tops decks anyway and deck 6 is fairly low relative to the better views from topside.

As I recall the balcony is larger than normal but nowhere near what those aft ones are... now that's not from personal view but from a conversation with travel mate who had one of those. 5 yrs ago actually so no wonder I can't really recall. :) I do know they cruise often and use that cabin so its a good one. (43)


Take the aft cabin. Always. Except when I want it of course.;)

I have been in 6143 (Blazerboy had it on the Original Martini Mates) and it is a nice verandah but nothing close to an aft. We have had an aft on six Infinity trips and have never been sorry. Especially if you are traveling with friends. You can have them all over when you go to the glacier. Everyone else gets to see the glacier for about an hour. You get it going away for another hour. Plus in port you can look both directions without a problem. You get the best of both worlds.

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My family has cruised on Celebrity 8 times now and we've had Concierge class, Sky Suites, and standard balcony suites. Best bang for your buck in my opinion is the balcony suites. In our CC class room, deck 9 we received fresh flowers thru out the cruise, and a late afternoon "h'orderves". Nothing really different from deck 6 standard balconies other than the flowers and h'orderves. Just got off the Infinity from the Alaska cruise out of Seattle and we received a free upgrade to a Sky Suite. Slightly larger room, different layout than our other standard balcony rooms, or the CC class room. But....we had a "butler". The butler brought in tea and cookies at 3:45, and the "h'orderves" at 5 or so. Fresh flowers also. Our bathroom had a bathtub/shower. If anyone had trouble lifting their legs, they wouldn't be able to get into it to shower let alone take a bath. Very high/deep. I'm glad we didn't pay for the Sky Suite because I don't feel it was worth any extra money. Plus we had an increase in tip rates because of the butler. Don't get me wrong, it was nice to try it out, just glad it was on their buck and not mine.

My personal preference is Deck 6 rooms, 6016 - 6030 or 6021 - 6035. These 16 rooms, have twice the size balconies as any other balcony room for the same exact money. If you do internet searches you will hear about the "sweet sixteen" rooms. These are great for larger familes or for parties as we have done on our many Caribbean cruises. Granted the best views are up higher, but I've done Alaska Hubbard Glacier in 2005 with room 6027 and I will tell you sitting on my own deck not having to hassel with everyone jammed up on deck 10 and 11 trying to get a picture was great. We still saw the same things as they did, only we didn't have to deal with the crowding. My Sky Deck room for this recent Alaska cruise was on deck 7 and we overlooked the lifeboats and they block your view of the ocean directly below room. So really there's good and bad in every room.

Again, my favorite is any of the mentioned 16 rooms. I have booked them each time I go and haven't been disappointed. I will say the M-class ships are showing some wear and tear. I love Celebrity and have recommended them to many people, but the one common complaint I get from those going is the condition of the fabric on the chairs and the carpets. I've never noticed any issues with the carpets, and this has been the first time I've noticed the chairs showing wear and tear and dirt.

Still with all that, I'm still doing Celebrity again, next year on Infinity from SF to Alaska, and 2011 on the Equinox.