Cabin help on GRAND


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I haven't been on the Grand in 11 years and hope I am not making a mistake?! The first time we went we had an awful cruise. From the food to the service to the waiter, etc. Not good. It was the first cruise we ever took and hated it. It was the first and last time on a Princes ship. We have pretty much stayed with RCI and HAL. OK...11 years have passed and I am willing to try again and seeing she is just coming out of Dry Dock this month she should be all spiffed up.

Cabin Question: Mini-Suite, Penthouse or Grand Suite? It appears that all of the perks are the same for the Penthouse and the Grand Suite. Is the extra 200 sq feet really worth the price?

Will I be disappointed with Princess?

Thanks for the help!


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Will you be disappointed with Princess? Who can answer that but yourself? We sailed the Grand this past January and thought the ship, staff, and food were Great!! Will you? Who knows, everyone is different. In fact, the food was the best we've had in many years. I personally do not like Royal Caribbeans food. Haven't been on Hal, so can't speak for their food. Also, food on each ship within a Cruise Line can be different - as you have different chefs.

Can't speak for the accommodations...we had one of the Grand BB category corner Aft cabins and Loved it...but our next 3 cruises we are booked into Lido Inside Cabins. I prefer Inside each their own. :sunny:

Happy Cruising!!


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We sailed the Ruby Princess in Dec. and Emerald Princess in April. We loved both ships and plan to sail Princess exclusively from now on. The food was wonderful & wait staff & crew were friendly and helpful. We love the Piazza and in the afternoon the fresh baked hot cookies and cold milk served as you sat around the piazza reading or people watching. Also, LOVED the afternoon tea served in one of the dining rooms. hubby actually looked forward to "tea" every afternoon, after I had to drag him there the first time.

We sailed on RC last Sept and the food was extremely disappointing! But again, different people like different things. Thankfully we have several cruise lines and ships for us to choose from. Our personal choice will continue to be PRINCESS.


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Actually, I do not care what cabin I have as long as I am cruising. I am sur you will enjoy the Grand ..Many folls in the past have