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cabin help on Sea Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by mjmiller, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. mjmiller

    mjmiller Guest

    We are booking cabins on Aloha deck: A618, A622, A628. They are right below the beauty salon. Does anyone know if these cabins will be noisy? Or if there is anything good/bad about them?

    I appreciate any help. thanks
  2. Bob Dennin

    Bob Dennin Guest

    We were in A-540 on the Sea Princess in July 99 and did not hear anything out of the ordinary from our room.
  3. Carben

    Carben Guest

    I stayed in A-632 last Feb. on the Sea Princess. It was an outside balcony and we didn't notice too much noise from above. One night we heard something rolling around on the deck a little, but it t was after the beauty salon had closed. Hope this is a help.
  4. mjmiller

    mjmiller Guest

    thanks both of you for your responses. I usually try to get a room between two cabin decks due to a bad first cruise experience. We were under the show room, which we thought would be okay for sleeping late in the mornings, but lo and behold - the dancers practice in the morning!! LOL Live and learn.

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