Cabin in the back of the ship


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Has anyone stayed in a cabin in the rear of the ship?
Is it a good location to be?
How about the very back, I think it is called
the Aft. How is that?


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Most aft Princess cabins are suites but there are a few of what are called outside double with balcony, they are a standard size cabin but have a balcony, not a bad cabin. Just stay off the Emerald deck, the aft cabins tend to be noisy, both from some of the surrounding equipment and the noise of the wake when above 12-15 knots but Baja, Caribe, and Dolphin aren't bad. Next issue is movement, if you are in calmer waters there is no problem, if the seas get a little rough the movement tends to be exaggerated a little and you will get more motion than a cabin towards mid ship, so if anyone is prone to motion sickness probably not the best place to be, again depends on where you are going and the condition of the seas. We have been in aft cabins several times on Grand Class ships on the Mexican Riviera and have always had smooth sailing, then again motion doesn't bother us so if the aft is rocking and rolling it is no big deal to us. It is nice to sit out on the balcony in the early evening with a drink and just watch the water go by.


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We love the aft cabins and usually book the first day the cruise opens so that we can snag an aft cabin. We love the covered balcony, love watching the wake, and there is no wind. We have never noticed the noise and the motion doesn't bother us. I take a Bonine every day as a precaution.


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As Cruizer said, it's really going to depend on the ship. Points to check into: is the balcony covered, or uncovered? Some aft cabins have fully covered balconies, others have an overhang, still others allow full view from higher cabins or upper decks. Still others have public venues which allow other passengers unrestricted views of your balcony/cabin (the rock walls on the Oasis and Allure OTS)


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Only cruised twice... 1st was balcony in the middle of the ship ... 2nd was toward the rear (aft).
For ride smoothness the aft was much better. The only drawback was that the buffet was a lot longer walk which is not a bad thing on a cruise after all that eating. ""burp"" !!!



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We have sailed on the Emerald deck in the coveted E730 and E731 mini suites with an extended balcony. We would sail in them again anytime, anyplace. We love the aft location and the wake. It's very quiet in the back of the ship. No one coming and going past your cabin.
We love the AFT cabins. We usually book as soon as the cruises become available for booking. Only one complaint and that was on the Crown - there is a hideous beam that runs down the center of the balcony. As a consequence we had to move the furniture around depending on whether we were going to use the table to dine on or the lounge chairs for relaxing.

Other than that, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I have only been on the Baja and the Caribe decks so I can't speak for experiences on other decks. I didn't think it was very noisy so that wouldn't be a real issue and because of its location you aren't getting any real foot traffic either.