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Cabin Opinion on Grand

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Silver, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Silver

    Silver Guest


    I will be going on the Grand Princess and have room C734, outside double with private balcony. It it towards the aft of the ship. Any opinions on this? Will there be a lot of motion. I have never had a cabin so far away from the center of the ship so I do not know what to expect. Please provide feedback. Thanks
  2. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Aft cabins are my favorite, especially the corner aft cabins with a wrap around balcony. I have never found motion to be a problem. Of course, if you encounter really rough seas, you will experience more motion than if you were amidships.
  3. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    This ship (the Grand) is the only one we've really felt a lot movement on in the aft cabins. We had E-733 (right below yours) and YES, we really felt movement.

    My friend had a cabin (think it was D735 on a totally different sailing from ours and also really felt the movement.

    Not only will you feel rocking, rolling and pitching back there, you'll also hear LOTS of noises - not passenger noises, but ship noises: creaking, popping, moaning and squeaking.

    It's all about what matters to you most - do you want that big balcony that the aft cabin has or is a mid-ship cabin that has almost no motion/movement more what you want? There's no right or wrong - just what works for you.

    I always prefer to get the truth instead of it being embellished. So, I hope you don't mind me giving it to you 'straight'. :) Good luck!
  4. Silver

    Silver Guest

    Understandable.... Ive cruise on the Grand before and it's sister ship, the Star. I was closer to the middle on both. Where did you cruise? I went to Alaska on the Star and there was a day where we felt movement in a cabin that was closer to the middle. Wouldnt it also depend on the cruise destination? Ive been told that the Caribbean cruises are normally smooth everywhere on the ship. I was told that the Alaskan cruise was a little bit more rockier, and it was and more noticable at times than others.

    Any more information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    That's not necessarily true, but I wish it was. We cruised on the Grand twice during the same week in May in the Caribbean.

    1st time - 4-8 foot seas, mild winds
    2nd time - 15-18 foot seas, gale force 3-4 winds

    Guess which time we were in the aft cabin? :grin Lucky us, huh? Even so, when other people I know have cruised the Caribbean on this ship (during different times than us), they have commented about the movement.

    Wish I could tell you otherwise and I'm sure some people will say they haven't experienced what we did, but I figure the more you know, the more you can make a good decision for YOU. :)
  6. n12290

    n12290 Guest

    We took two cruises on the Star. One from LA to Vancouver in the open ocean except for Puget Sound, with force 8 winds between Monterey and San Francisco (couldn't lighter into Monterey because of the wind and waves), and the other from LA to the Mexican Riviera. Not much motion on either cruise, and none was objectionable. The Star and Grand are very large ships!
  7. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    I was aft on the Grand Princess - A736 (an inside but still pretty far aft) - felt minimal movement in this cabin. I truly think it is how you perceive motion. I have rarely been midships (only once in 8 cruises) and otherwise have been aft 5 times and forward 2 times...neither time did I feel any undue motion (and two of these cruises were in the open waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.
  8. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    While I respect Lisa's opinion, I have to disagree with her. It wasn't a matter of "how we perceived motion". If that were true, then my son tossing his cookies for 2 nights would have been a "perception" too.

    A little kid who knows NOTHING about seasickness cannot dream it up. :)
  9. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    As Paul Harvey might say, from the for what it's worth department, some folks suffer from motion sickness in an automobile, while others are practically oblivious to the motion of a small vessel in 10 foot seas. At other times, at least in my experience, something else is at work when an attack of motion sickness comes on. I have been deep sea fishing many times in pretty rough seas and had never experienced motion sickness until one Saturday a few years back. We left the dock at 7 AM in a 36 foot vessel in relatively calm gulf waters. By the time we got out to the first reaf, I was fighting to keep from heaving my guts out. I remained nauseous until we returned to the dock. It has never happened since; go figure. I do think that Grand class ships seem to have a lot of motion, especially pitch. This is somewhat strange given the size of the ship. I recall being in the lap pool one morning and the waves in the pool were enormous due to the ship pitching back and forth. I thought it to be much fun!
  10. scamper

    scamper Guest


    I was on the grand in feb of 03. Eastern Carribean. Our room was e-722. this is a mini suite about 4 cabins from the back of the ship. The back of the ship is great. If you look you will find the expencive suites are in the very back. I know lots of people talk about in a tider todder motion the front and back move up and down while of course the less movement is in the middle. Remember when your in your room the ship is moving its not sitting still where it might rock up and down. I am in the process of booking a cruise on celebrity and am getting a room over the very back of the ship. Your room is fine.
  11. MzLuLu

    MzLuLu Guest

    Be prepared, just in case. Bring sea bands or anyother motion sickness remedy.
    I too am curious why most of the expensive suites are forward and aft if that's where you feel the most motion.
    I was thinking maybe the view?
  12. Silver

    Silver Guest

    Thanks everyone... but if anyone has more input, it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. rns91294

    rns91294 Guest

    All this talk has made me nervous. I have been on 6 cruises and am going on the Grand November 9 to the Western Carib. I get very seasick and must wear the patch, but in lots of motion, I still get sick even with the patch. We have an inside cabin, mid ship, but on the Aloha deck (we got a special for that deck), so you all have me scared about the Grand having so much movement. Has anyone not felt movement on this ship?
  14. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    An inside cabin mid-ship will be just fine. The Aloha Deck does get more movement than the lower decks, but it shouldn't be too bad. You never know - you just might have calm seas and have nothing to worry about! :)
  15. rns91294

    rns91294 Guest

    I know the ALoha deck being one of the top decks does get more movement, but on the Carnival Destiny on my honeymoon, we had a mini suite on one of the top decks (of course, that was 2 decks lower than where I am now since this is actually a bigger ship), but I had the tiem of my life and we actually had very rough seas (13 foot swells). I had a blast watching other people walk into the walls. I guess it all just depends. I have those patches from last year, two left that expire in 2004. My doctor says they will be fine, but I wonder if for $5.00 I should jsut get new ones......just in case. Especially since I was a reck on the last cruise, but it was the Nordic Empress to Bermuda out of New York and I know those seas are a lot worse then the Caribbean and the shiip was extremely small. Wish me luck everyone!!
  16. skarletohara

    skarletohara Guest

    HI Silver,
    My husband and I had the same exact cabit, C-734 on the Star, which is identical
    to the Grand.

    We LOVED the location of this cabin. Yes, it was a long, long walk to the back of
    the ship. However, it seemed a lot more private that the center cabins.

    We especially loved that large balcony.

    I will say that we did perceive motion. We cruised in February on the Mexican
    Riviera itinerary, and for a day and a half solid after leaving Cabo on the
    northbound leg of the trip, we did feel quite a bit of motion.
    However, where ever we went on the ship we felt the great motion.
    Our seas were 8 feet swells

    I've never been prone to seasickness, or at least I thought, until I went on this
    cruise, however. But I really don't attribute that to the cabin, merely the condition
    of the seas at that time.

    I'll put it this way, I'd book that cabin again as opposed to not booking it.
  17. mike&karren

    mike&karren Guest

    We had cabin D732 on the Grand 2 weeks ago. We loved this cabin, being the last 1 on the side next to the aft. Had calm seas all week, & were rocked to sleep by the motion at night. I have been seasick before, but this motion didn't bother me at all. If we had been in rough seas, could have been a different story. But I think in rough seas you could get sick anywhere on any ship.
  18. KarolnDick

    KarolnDick Guest

    We just got back from a week on the Grand. Our cabin was at the front (A202). I was concerned that there would be excessive movement, but it wasn't the case. I think the amount of movement depends alot more on the sea conditions than it does cabin location. I didn't hear one person complaining about excess movement with fore or aft cabins.

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