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cabin sizes on summit

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Linda & Jim, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Linda & Jim

    Linda & Jim Guest

    thinking about booking the summit & was considering a Cat 1 cabin. How does that
    compare to the aft Cat 3 cabin or even a sky suite. There are just the 2 of us going and for price vs cabin what would be the best for room size / balcony size. Thanks for the info - we have never cruised with celebrity and would like to try this line out. Linda
  2. I have sailed on the Infinity, which is almost identical. I was in a cat 1a and was very happy with the size. Has a small love seat sitting area - PLENTY of storage space, nice sized bathroom. I think its great for 2 people without spending the extra to move up to a suite. Please email me with any more questions
  3. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    Cat. 3 is great, particularly the corners. The balcony is HUGE. I wouldn't trade it for anything but the penthouse suites. Cat. 3 on the Millie class ships are bigger than the cat. 1's.

  4. Jim Muller

    Jim Muller Guest

    Summit cabins...

    Category 1A, B, or C:
    Cabin: 191 Sq ft
    Balcony: 41 sq ft

    Category 3 or FV: Cabins facing aft
    Cabin: 271 sq ft
    Balcony: 242 sq ft

    Category SS - Sky Suite...includes butler service
    Cabin: 251 sq ft.
    Balcony: 57 sq ft.

    Personally, we can do without the butler service. The Cat FV cabins are the much better value. There are also some well-placed Cat 2 cabins that can save you money while providing a nice location...170 sq ft with oversized balconies. Check out the Summit deck plans on...

  5. Linda & Jim

    Linda & Jim Guest

    Thanks for the information everyone. I can't wait to book our next one. Of course we still need to cruise in November but need to look to the future. Linda

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