cabin upgrade at check-in?


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Hello All,

I am sailing on hte Inspiration 11/6 and am currently assigned cabin R49 on the rivieara deck. An oceanview cabin. I had read somewhere once that you should ask upon check-in if there are upgrades available and you may get an upgrade at a reasonable charge. Has anyone ever done this?

I've only cruised once, about 5 yrs ago on Disney Magic and it was amazing, deck 6 veranda stern of boat. This Carnival trip was something I stumbled into by a misdirected call at work in 3/09 and bought the trip for 2kids 2 adults at $349 including taxes and port fees per person. Not being an expert this seemed a decent price to me at the time.t, I was sondering about the upgrade to a veranda or suite , but honestly, the normal pricing is a little rich for me since I also have to fly into Tampa (I mean the airfare). Thanks for your time.


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Cabin upgrades are always an option at checkin unless there is a full ship. You mentioned ocean view as apposed to porthole, Riviera deck is the lowest deck for Carnival so if you have ocean view it means a nice window vs a porthole, so unless you are prepared to opt for some big bucks an upgrade will simply be the same cabin on a higher deck as apposed to a suite which will be real big bucks. Me in your spot, use the money spent on an upgrade for fun stuff..............


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Thanks for the heads up there. I was not thinking that it would just be the same cabin higher up. Since I get seasick (scopalomine is your friend; oh the things I do for the loved ones!) it doesn't really help to be higher.

I remember on the roughest day at sea (even the crew was nauseous) the Disney Vacation Club guy insisted we meet in his office at the top level of the ship ---I spent the whole meeting with my head on his desk until I finally had enough and poured myself out the door! Still, except for that day I have nothing but great memories of the cruise.

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At the pursers desk there is always a sign they are full, no cabins available.

How do I request a upgrade?
Carnival has made selecting the cabin location you want more affordable than ever. Assigning your cabin as early as possible ensures you get the best locations available. Opportunities to purchase an upgrade in your accommodations are available prior to the sailing date, subject to availability. Please contact Guest Services at 1800-438-6744 ext 70382.

Note: We cannot accommodate requests for upgrades on the day of sailing as we sail at capacity.
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