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We booked an inside cabin for Alaska , after speaking to others we tried for an outside one two days later .They wanted to charge not only the upgrade but a fee for altering the booking .This was almost 6 months ago The fee for changing was 200.00 per person .I told my agent to leave it and would try on the ship . I dont mind paying the upgrade but the fact they wanted to charge a fee I was angry as we paid in full .when we made the booking .Any suggestion the Shipping company is Carnival .


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First of all, and probably too late, find another agent for your next cruise!!!!!!!!
Most all agents/agencies will attempt to upgrade you for no additional fees, yes you will incur some additional fee to cover the cost of the upgraded cabin but the agent will make additional commission on based on the value of the upgrade, wow, $200pp upgrade fee, that borders on usury law violations .
Big problem here is that as far as pricing your contract is between you and your agent, not you and Carnival, your agreement with Carnival is you paid they supply so not an option to contact Carnival, they will just refer you to your agent. Unless some of our resident agents want to chime in with some ideas, your best bet is to kiss your agent goodbye (you can't fire them, but sounds like your not going to get much help out of them on this cruise) and see what you can do for an upgrade at checkin, problem with that is they usually go for full price, no deals and are subject to availability.


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There's nothing you can do this time, but definitely use another agent next time. Most of us don't charge change fees at all, especially on an upgrade!


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Carnival has no control over agents' policies (as long as they're legal, which the charge you got hit with is).


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You were referred back to the agent because that is ALL cruise lines policies, if you book with an agent, they are your AGENT designated to act on your behalf with the cruise line, if you book directly with the cruise line, then your cruise line representative in effect becomes your agent they will work with you. You are in a bummer deal at this point but DON'T let it turn you off to cruising OR to using an independent agent or agency, they are not all like the one you have now. BUT, next time around, make sure you discuss (a) cancellation fees, (b) change fees, this includes upgrades, (c) rebates if fares for your cruise/cabin category go down. If they want to charge you for any of these or if they will not pass on price reductions, move on. Finding a good agent that you are comfortable with is a hunt an peck process, takes time, energy, and perseverance but in the end it is worth it. Keep in mind in the agent vs. cruise line representative dilemma, a good agent works for you, a cruise line agent works for the cruise line, do the math.

Suck it in, bite the bullet, chalk it up as a learning experience, just unfortunate that you had to get caught in this on such a great destination, but remember the worst cruise in the world is better than the best day at work, so spend more time on deck, in the public areas and soak in the beauty of Alaska.............

Oh and make sure you convert some money into Alaskan dollars before you go...


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My first thoughts were negative toward Carnival. But, in retrospect, the postings above are right on. It's not the line, it's your agent. If you're far enough out, and can do so without penalty (unlikely); I'd suggest cancelling and rebooking with a CLIA certified agent. One who will work for you, not for themselves.

The good news is that people like them will not last in the business.
The bad news is the distress they cause the pepole who trusted them and the industry in general.