Cabo Resort Day Pass Recommendations


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We just booked our tickets and I'm trying to make some plans. We are considering a day pass in one port, either Cabo or Puerto Vallarta. We also want to do whale watching so trying find which port is prefered for those activities.

We found this Resort pass cabo san lucas cruise excursions but welcome to other options.

Haven't cruised for a couple years so any advise would be appreciated!!
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In PV you don't really have to book. Just walk out the south Gate of the Port and take your pick on a pretty nice stretch of beach. Some are more expensive than others.
Not sure on whale times down there but CAbo is the spot closest to the Gulf of California where they winter.


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Whale watching will be best chance in Cabo so would be a waste of money to book a day pass at any of the resorts and as Bob says
just go find a beach. In Mexico all beaches are public, don't need any kind of resort pass unless you want to take advantage of a
hotels amenities and beach chairs or cabanas or what ever else you are willing to pay for.
You didn't mention when your cruise was so you need to make sure you are in whale "season" or you will be lucky to see a dolphin.

Check with a very reputable excursion agency which can meet all your needs in either port.