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My son's brother-in-law is hurting. Adam is only 24 years old and lives in an ICU. In renal failure, he goes through daily dialysis. He has a shunt to drain excess fluid from his head. The shunt has failed, been replaced/rerouted three times, and now he's fighting infections from those surgeries. The most recent procedure was to place a tube from the 4th ventricle out of his shunt so they could clear up an infection that got into his shunt. He is to have this tube there for 2 weeks, so he will be in bed for 2 weeks. He is still loosing too much weight (he's down to 95#) and needs to build his strength.

The good news - There is hope. Adam has a qualified, kidney donor standing by; ready to quite literally give a part of himself, to help save this young man's life. The family is not able to meet the costs of the surgery, but SunFlower's has gotten her past employer (the Mayo Clinic) to step up to the plate. They are willing to perform the surgery, as soon as he's stable enough to survive it.

The bad news - Because of the infections and the weight loss, it doesn't look like he'll be getting that surgery. Adam's mother has taken a leave of absense from her restaurant job. What I'm asking for is any assistance anyone can give to help her meet her basic living expenses while she is with her son in what may very well be his final weeks, or days.

If anyone can help, in any way, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and may God bless you ...

- John
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Awaiting results of mental evaluation
Dear friends,

Our daughter-in-law's brother, Adam, passed into the arms of the Lord yesterday afternoon. His courage amid mounting health failures was wonderful to behold. Adam was loved by so many and leaves a void in our lives. We will miss his beautiful smile. For those of you who were so generous to help Adam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- John & Patricia


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I saw this on FB. My heart hurts for Adam's family and loved ones. Prayers that they can soon find some joy in the memories of Adam and his joy in life.


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Calgon, I just read this (I actually read it yesterday and posted a reply, but it was lost when the board went down) I am very sorry for your family's loss. May you take comfort in the memories of this very courageous young man.