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Calypso Music on the Zaandam

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Knox, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Knox

    Knox Guest

    My wife, myself, and several friends are sailing on the Zaandam this coming March. We have sailed on HAL before and know to expect excellent service and a classical cruise experience. Our friends, however, have only sailed on RCI (Enchantment of the Seas) and NCL (Norway). They have voiced a concern recently that they like to hear Calypso music played by the pool. I know that the Westerdam had a steel drum band that played daily at the Lido pool, but does anyone know how often and how long they might play on the Zaandam? In addition, what other type of music could they expect to hear while lounging in total luxury. To be honest, I tended to avoid loud places on the Westerdam, so I cannot provide them the details they want. In addition, what types of games are usually played at the Lido pool area. Our friends are not "party animals", but I think they are concerned that they won't have fun.
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We were on Zaandam twice last year and there was "Caribbean" music out at the Lido Pool. We normally go to the back pool rather than the large Lido one and there was not too much live music out there....one of the reasons we prefer it.
  3. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    I'm trying to remember - October was sooooooo long ago. I believe they played for two or three hours every afternoon, they were a very good, more of a low-key carribean band, in fact they did a classical/popular music concert in one of the lounges one evening (or was that on our August cruise?) - anyway on both of our Zaandam cruises there was music by the pool for at least a couple of hours in the afternoon. Have a great cruise!!!
  4. I would not bank on great claypso music by the pool. We had an eartern European four piece group attempting to play a bit of red-red-wine...not a pretty sight.
    The best part was that they were relativelyquiet breaking down their equipmet after their one hour set.
  5. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    Jim - Oh my. Guess my :rasta experience was LOTS better than yours :grin :grin
  6. Jetty

    Jetty Guest

    Looking forward to spending New Years Eve on the Zaandam. Whatever music is playing I will be one happy camper, just being there.
  7. PS..I gave an honest comment, BUT ignore it. THAT would rate as the most horrible thing that happened on the Zaandam...Which, in the light of EVERYTHING else, makes for a "dam" great cruise!

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