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For those of you who have used the Camp Carnival program, could you please give me some insight into how it is. Are there strict time restraints for drop off or pickups? Does it have a program that my child can have dinner w/ them instead of the formal dining room? Don't get me wrong, I love spending time w/ my son...and he actually thinks his parents are this is HIS vacation too....and I'd like to know that when he wants to "dump" the parents, he'll have options to do so.
Any info on the Program would be great!


From what I remember when my kids used it, is that the camp is closed during lunch.
Basically it's open from 9am-12pm and then you have to pick up your kids for lunch.

It re-opens at I believe 2pm and then it's open until 10pm but it closes again for dinner between 5-7pm. Except on formal nights when they stay open.

Go to the meeting on the first night on the cruise and they will explain it all.

They also are open when in port if your child does not want to go on a shore excursion, you can leave them in the camp

Sue Montgomery

If your son doesn't want to eat with you in the formal dining room, just take him to the grill (or order room service before your dinner for him) and let him go to CC while you are at dinner with your hubby.

Our daughter did this a couple times on the Pride this summer -- she enjoyed the time with those her own age (8) and came to the dining room on some of the nights. On the nights she went to CC, we fed her first and then she stayed until about 10:00 p.m. (she did take a short nap each day in order stay up late). On some nights they even take the kids, as a group, to the show in the lounge. Your son will have a great time and CC will give you and your hubby some adult time too.


jo you your memory is right on we were just on Carnival's Sensation in July and those times are just about right


we have a 2yr old and we took him to dinner the first 2 nites and it just didn't work for us so a very nice fellow passenger told me to feed him first and then bring him to camp carnival when they open, since our dinner time wasn't until 8:30 i feed him at 7pm and by the time he was done i would take him to camp and then went to dinner in the dining room and this works great for us after 10pm you pay for babysitting and it's 6.00per hour and if you have more then one child it's 6.00 per hour for the first child and 4.00 per hour for an additional children, i hope this helps :)


They have a great program and take very good care of the kids. Everyone above gave good advice, I just wanted to let you know that it is a really good program.

Laurie :candle


Camp Carnival on all Carnival ships offer a dinner and "coketail party" on both formal nights. The kids eat pizza and chicken strips( kids food). They eat in the Grill area supervised by camp carnival staff. I do make my kids do one formal night with family. And the other night with the kids. But that was much to my younger sons disapoinment. He spent every minute he could at Camp Carnival, he loved it. If you have any further questions e-mail me.
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